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Trendy diets and the Big, Bad Carbohydrate. My macros, by week, for February 2014. Notice the biggest slice of the pie? It's carbs.

In the 1990s the mainstream media warned us to stay away from fat. “It’s so obvious: of course fat makes you fat–it’s FAT!” Low-fat foods flooded the marketplace, and people snatched those products up in droves. Guess what? People who ate low-fat diets but consumed more calories than they were burning still gained fat. Then, in 2002, Robert Atkins published his best-selling book “” (this was an update to his 1972 book, “”). The low-carb… [Read more]

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Stormy group ride yesterday; Garmin Edge 810: First ride report. A brief respite from an otherwise very rainy 55 mile ride!

I did a couple of rides yesterday: a brief 16 kilometer spin in the morning (the primary purpose of which was to tweak the settings on my new before my “main” ride), followed by a ~90 kilometer group ride in the hills. The afternoon forecast was calling for thunderstorms, so we knew that in all likelihood we would be doing a very soggy group ride. I didn’t care so much about the possibility of rain,… [Read more]

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Garmin Edge 810 has arrived: Initial setup, photos and impressions. Garmin Edge 810 mounted on my Madone's K-edge Garmin mount.

Yesterday afternoon I was buried in work and feeling pretty stressed out. Absolutely nothing was going right, and I felt like I was about to go crazy. I decided to get up, stretch my legs and relax with a hot cup of (I’m fully addicted to this stuff now). While I was in the kitchen waiting for my tea water to come to a boil, I heard the wonderful and familiar rumble of Big Brown… [Read more]

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Closing in on end of cut, current TrainerRoad program. What’s next? My workout graph from TrainerRoad's "Goddard" workout.

Apart from a passing reference here and there, I have not posted much information about my current cycling training workouts during this cut. Part of the reason for this is because those who are interested can always follow my progress and post-workout notes on Strava, TrainerRoad and/or Facebook. The other reason is, frankly, many of you find these kinds of blogs boring. I get it. Today, though, I want to make a departure and talk… [Read more]

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I am sick of being lost on the bike, bought a Garmin Edge 810. Garmin Edge 810

Some of you may have noticed that in my daily blog I’ve occasionally lamented the fact that I’m extremely directionally challenged. It doesn’t matter if I’m on foot, driving a car, on a mountain bike trail or out road cycling: if I’m not leveraging modern-day GPS technology to my advantage, then I’m almost always lost. All of my friends and riding buddies know this about me and, as one might expect, plenty of good-natured ribbing… [Read more]

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2014 cut weekly progress report: week #6 Myotape

Week #6 of my 2014 cutting program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. For much more information on how I’m going about this cut, please check out this blog. You can find my complete food logs for this cut on MyFitnessPal. Tools of the trade This is the exact equipment I use to track my progress every week   RAW DATA My scale weight this morning (as measured by the )… [Read more]

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I'm in: 33rd Annual Cross-Florida Bike Ride The 270 kilometer / 167 mile Cross-Florida route.

Earlier this week I alluded to an epic ride that I was strongly considering doing in early April: the Spacecoast Freewheelers 33rd Annual Cross-Florida Bike Ride. Well, I’ve decided. I’m doing it. The single-day XFL ride begins early in the morning on the east coast of Florida at Cocoa Beach, and concludes ~270 kilometers later at Bayport park on the west coast. Here’s the route (click to enlarge):   270 kilometers in the saddle is… [Read more]

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Turning adversity into inspiration: Mike’s battle with cancer. Highlight of my week right here. Rode over to Mike Simmons' house for our first spin together since his cancer surgery!

Today I want to write about a recent event that hit very close to home, and has affected me greatly. This is something I’ve not been able to talk about until now. Late last year my close friend and frequent riding partner Mike Simmons learned that he had stomach cancer. The news came out of nowhere and–to put it mildly–I was stunned and, obviously, extremely upset. When Mike told me what was going on, my… [Read more]

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100 KM ride yesterday on Michelin Pro4s; Less than 6 pounds to go… From yesterday's 100 kilometer ride. This is just a small section of a massive orange grove located along Woodlea road in Tavares, Florida. The smell in this entire area is absolutely amazing! I had to stop and take it in for a few minutes.

Yesterday I went for a solo 100 kilometer ride on a warm and somewhat windy day. I planned a route that took me through some stunningly beautiful areas of Mount Dora and Tavares before heading south to hilly Clermont. The first part of my route was a scenic tour of some of Central Florida’s most beautiful lakes. I rode along/past Lake Ola, Lake Carlton and Lake Beauclair en route to the always enjoyable spin around… [Read more]

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New road bike tires: Michelin Pro4 Service Course. The Michelin Pro4 Service Course tires are well-reviewed, but have some big shoes to fill. I love how they look--simple and sleek. I'm taking them for their inaugural spin today.

When it comes to bike equipment, I believe tire choice is one of the most important decisions any cyclist–road or MTB–must make. Think about it: the only thing that connects your bike to the ground are those two tiny patches of tire. Riding with tires that you feel confident in will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the sport. For a daily rider/training tire, puncture resistance is obviously near the top of the list–but not at… [Read more]

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