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Cold, rainy week kept me on the trainer; Lisa back from Vegas today.

My Bike Torture Chamber, set for the painful hour-long "8 minute" FTP test.
My Bike Torture Chamber has seen a lot of action lately.

My Bike Torture Chamber has seen a lot of action lately.

Every single day this past week has been cold, rainy and windy. There are times when I’m okay with inclement weather and will venture out and ride anyway, but this week, for whatever reason, I wanted nothing to do with any of that nonsense…

So I focused on my current TrainerRoad cycling program, and have had some very good indoor workouts. I am feeling much stronger on the bike compared to how I felt three weeks ago, but my heart rate is still higher than it normally would be at any given level of exertion. I thought about manually bumping up my FTP, but I think I’m going to leave it right where it is until I complete the six-week Base I Training program. There are only three weeks left in the program (9 more workouts) and then I re-test my FTP anyway–hopefully I’ll have my real power meter by then.

This morning I got a 40-minute weight training session in. Last week I went heavy, and so this week I used more moderate weights, but upped the volume and intensity. I felt great! I sure love lifting. Nothing, not even cycling, gives me quite the same massive endorphin rush as a hard weight training workout.

So I’ve ridden my bike every day for 32 straight days now. I’m not setting out to ride every day this year or anything like that, but at the same time I’m not ready to break the streak. I guess a small part of it is keeping the streak alive, but an even bigger part of the reason is I just love riding my bike! So I’ll be riding today. Might even do the next workout in the plan, which isn’t scheduled until Monday or Tuesday.

Lisa’s been in Vegas all week long, and she’ll be back in a few hours. While the trip was primarily for business, she got plenty of play time. She’s been to Vegas like five times now, and every time she comes home flat broke and with the flu. This time is no different. Babe, you’re doing it wrong. 😐

Anyway, I’m going to have to be guarded about catching whatever bug Lisa picked up. I’ve spent the last week building a tremendous amount of momentum, and I don’t want anything to slow me down!