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Outstanding week of training; Were you tempted to drink?

Saturday, February 8, 2014 by  
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Already in a caloric deficit, I under-ate this past week. Not drastically, but enough that I would expect to see a performance hit in the gym and on the bike. That’s not been the case at all, however–in fact quite the opposite. My energy levels have been outstanding, and I’ve had nothing but excellent workouts this week.

I’ve been on the bike every single day in 2014 (my streak is at 39 days and counting), averaging around 250 kilometers per week. This week will actually be my biggest week of the year thus far, as I’m already sitting right at 240 kilometers with an entire weekend of riding still to come.

Yesterday morning I trained with weights, and I went very heavy. The intensity of the workout was not terribly high (heavy weights/low reps/longer rest intervals), but I was moving some pretty decent weight… for a wee fella. 😉

After the weight training workout I ate meal #2, and a couple of hours later returned to my gym for the next TrainerRoad workout (“Carson”) in my current cycling training program.

Carson is a muscle-heavy “climbing” workout that involves raising the front wheel, lower cadences (average cadence was 75 RPM) and transitioning in and out of the saddle during intervals 2, 4 and 6. There are a total of 6 working intervals of different lengths (5-7 minutes) @ 88-94% FTP. Short 2 minute active recoveries between each interval.

Even though I’m eating under maintenance and it was only a few hours after a heavy strength training workout, I felt strong on the bike.

Considering all of the above, how is that possible? I think there are a few reasons: a very healthy diet, plenty of rest, positive mental attitude, lots of momentum and the fact that I truly enjoy training (you can’t fake that!)

This is pretty much the worst way to handle stress.

This is pretty much the worst way to handle stress.

With the death of Loki, this has obviously been a very difficult week for me. Some people have asked me if I was tempted to drink, or go off my cutting diet. Not really, but I’ll admit that I was in so much pain on Monday night that the thought of numbing myself with alcohol briefly crossed my mind. But drinking would have been an unwise choice, merely delaying the inevitable grieving process while simultaneously killing my momentum. Besides, I don’t consume alcohol when I’m cutting. Period. So that thought came and went very quickly.

Training has been my release valve this week. Combating grief and stress with exercise is far more healthy and effective than crawling into a bottle and feeling sorry for myself.

As for going off my diet, that thought never even entered my mind. I’m not a “stress eater”, and even if I were it wouldn’t have mattered. I’m in machine mode, and already halfway to my goal weight of 160 pounds. I’m thinking I might wrap this cut up as early as mid-March. More in tomorrow’s weekly progress report.

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