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Closing in on end of cut, current TrainerRoad program. What’s next?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 by  
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Apart from a passing reference here and there, I have not posted much information about my current cycling training workouts during this cut. Part of the reason for this is because those who are interested can always follow my progress and post-workout notes on Strava, TrainerRoad and/or Facebook. The other reason is, frankly, many of you find these kinds of blogs boring. I get it.

Today, though, I want to make a departure and talk a little bit about yesterday’s TrainerRoad workout, and what it portends.

As some of you may recall, when I retested my FTP at the beginning of my current cutting program it was, for me, a dismal 243. This demoralizing drop in sustainable power was down from my peak of 294.

Over the past six weeks I’ve been training hard, eating clean, dropping weight and in general doing everything under my control to restore the fitness I lost last December.

To recap: I’ve been in a fairly aggressive caloric deficit for more than six weeks (so far I have dropped 21 pounds and am presently about 7.5% body fat), I’ve been cycling every single day without fail for nearly two months straight, I set single-week cycling distance personal records the past three weeks in a row (375 kilometers, followed by 432 kilometers and then 467 kilometers last week), I set a new cycling single month distance personal record this month (1,369 kilometers… and counting!) and my power, energy levels and stamina have increased significantly during that time.

Which brings me to yesterday’s workout. Here are my post workout notes, along with my workout chart (complete data is here):

Today’s 60 minute/16.6 mile workout was “Goddard” on TrainerRoad. This workout has it all: it kicks off with 3×3 minute Individual Leg Training (ILT) at increasingly higher wattage targets, then jumps immediately into 10×30 second Form Sprints, then right back into some ILT work with 3×2 minute intervals at increasingly higher wattage targets and, finally, there are 2×6 minute cadence Spin-Ups. This was an important workout for several reasons. I’m going to break it down in tomorrow’s blog (cliffs: I’m feeling great!)

My workout graph from TrainerRoad's

My workout graph from TrainerRoad’s “Goddard” workout.


Yes, I’m feeling great. As you can see with even a cursory glance at my workout chart, I destroyed this workout. On the 10×30 second sprints I rode harder and harder with each successive sprint, with actual power outputs greatly exceeding the targets. I’m calling those “Hulk” sprints, because I smashed them. 🙂

Moving on to the 2×6 minute sweet spot cadence spin-ups, I also rode well above my FTP while building my leg speed.

The cool thing about these improvements is that they happened over just six weeks. Not just any old six weeks: six weeks of aggressive dieting and an extremely high activity level. When I return to maintenance calories, I think my sustainable power is going to go through the roof. I’ve laid the foundation, now I just need some added fuel (calories).

Even though I’m still eating under maintenance, and will be for at least another week and half, when I re-test my FTP (just two more workouts before I do that), I will see some significant improvement over that 243 I rode six weeks ago. I suspect my new FTP will be at least 270, perhaps higher.

I’m hopeful that my Stages power meter will come in before my next FTP test, but there’s a good chance it won’t be here in time. If the Stages is not here in time, I’ll go ahead and retest using Virtual Power. Once I get my calories back to maintenance and get the Stages installed, I’m going to re-test my FTP again (even if it’s early), and tear it a new orifice.

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