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Tea drinkers: simple solution for draining hot tea bags.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 by  
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Now that I’m a boring old teetotaler, I find myself very much looking forward to my two cups of hot tea each day. Every afternoon I have a cup of Yogi Peach DeTox Tea, which is now my favorite tea ever, and in the evenings before bed I have a cup of delicious Yogi Bedtime Tea. For someone who has never been a big fan of hot tea, I’m surprised by how much I am enjoying this healthy twice-daily ritual.

There is one thing I can’t stand about hot tea: squeezing out the piping hot tea bags when they are done steeping! Well, Lisa found a simple and fairly inexpensive product that eliminates the burnt finger annoyance: the Tea Bag Buddy.

I ordered a two-pack of the Tea Bag Buddies, and they are awesome! The Tea Bag Buddy performs several tasks:

  • Secures the tea bag strings while the tea is steeping.
  • Covers the cup while tea is steeping, keeping the tea hot and increasing the flavor.
  • Allows you to squeeze the tea bags out without burning your fingers!
  • Acts as a convenient used tea bag holder.

We tried the Tea Bag Buddy yesterday for the first time, and we already love it. Here’s the setup for our bedtime tea (click to enlarge).

Tea Bag Buddy: simple, yet genius!

Tea Bag Buddy: simple, yet genius!


No more burnt fingers, and tea is significantly hotter and noticeably more flavorful (Lisa and I like strong tea, and we use two bags per cup). Microwave and dishwasher safe, too.

Great product, be sure to check it out if you enjoy hot tea.

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3 Responses to “Tea drinkers: simple solution for draining hot tea bags.”
  1. I bought Celestial tea with no strings, wrappers, tags, or staples…supposedly a greener product. Something like 3 million less pounds per year in the dumps blah blah blah.

    But anyway, this wouldn’t work for me. I just use the spoon to press the bag against the side of the cup. 🙁

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  2. I simply use a tea spoon to scoop up the tea bag out of the cup and then wrap the string around the tea bag and the spoon tightly a couple of turns while holding them above the cup. That squeezes out the bag just fine, and spoon is used to transport the bad to the trash. Works like a charm.

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