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Increased appetite, cravings!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by  
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The past couple of days I have been ravenous! Not just “Oh, I’m hungry!”, more like “I need to eat something or I’m going to pass out!”

For this cut my typical breakfast has been a Clif bar and a banana, which I’ve found to be a perfect carb-rich, yet light, pre-ride fueling. Yesterday I was so hungry I had to have a second Clif bar. I’ve also noticed that recently I’ve required more food/energy gels during my rides.

Be seeing you soon!

Be seeing you soon!

Up until this week cravings have been a non-issue on my 2014 cut. The past few days, however, I’ve started to experience a few of those, too. I had to go upstairs for something yesterday, and when I saw the popcorn machine in our theater lobby my mouth started watering. I am very much looking forward to being able to enjoy movie theater popcorn again. Popcorn is my desert island food, and I really miss it.

I normally don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but Lisa made fudge a couple days ago, and even that looked delicious. Of course I didn’t eat any of the fudge, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tempting. This is a very usual craving, as I find fudge way too over-the-top sweet. Brownies, on the other hand… 🙂

In addition to my daily rides, I’ve started to tackle some of my outdoor spring projects. I considered hiring someone to help this year, as my spare time has been extremely limited. I couldn’t bring myself to call for backup, though, as it violates one of my long-standing core philosophies: never pay someone to do something that I have the ability to do myself. That’s not me being cheap, it’s more of a pride thing.

While I was outside working, an overweight neighbor was out for a walk (good for him!) I’ve seen this guy out walking before while I was riding, and we always wave at one another when passing. This time I was not on my bike, and so he struck up a conversation with me:

“Looking good! I used to do all that stuff myself when I was your age.”

“I enjoy the work, it’s the time involved that make it tough, not being 45 years old.”

“You’re 45?”

“Yeah, I’ll be 46 in October.”

“I thought you were in your early 30s. I’m 42.”


Healthy diet + weights + cycling = youth.

Alcohol cravings have also been a complete non-issue, with one exception. After working outside all day pressure washing the brick paver driveway, a Fat Tire Ale sounded mighty fine. Alcohol while I’m cutting is out of the question, of course, so I came in, took a hot shower and made a cup of Yogi DeTox tea. Halfway through my cup of tea the beer craving was totally gone.

I am ready to wrap this cut up. There’s no question that my 2014 cut will end Sunday morning, as I’m holding steady at 159.8 pounds right now (my goal was 160 pounds), and I will certainly lose a little more by Sunday morning. Once my cut ends I’m going to continue to eat extremely clean 95% of the time, with occasional cheat meals (once per week or so). Also, as discussed in a recent blog (see “New progress photos; A few words about alcohol, and some changes.“), alcohol consumption will be significantly reduced from previous maintenance levels.

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3 Responses to “Increased appetite, cravings!”
    • There’s still some fat there, but the pickings are definitely becoming slim! I hope I survive Saturday’s 130 mile ride. It’s looking like we’ll have a strong headwind the final 35-40 miles, too. Rule #5!

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  1. heck, that’s quite a compliment. its good to hear you’re cutting down on alcohol, i felt it did nothing for me but ruin a good thing, which was my mind. being schizophrenic and all. and being completely alcohol-free since july 2nd, 2011 i’ve been feeling better and more happy with myself by the day, so if you decide to be completely alcohol-free for the rest of your life you wont be let down by your decision. proud of you johnny boy!

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