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Sunday’s post-cut splurge day (video).

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 by  
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A few of you wrote and asked me if I enjoyed any post-cut dietary indulgences. The answer to that is YES! After 9 weeks of ultra-strict dieting, I decided to completely relax my diet on Sunday to celebrate.

I ate a healthy breakfast on Sunday morning and then went for a bike ride. After that, it was all about scratching the cheat meal itch and having some fun…

I’d not watched a movie up in the theater in more than nine weeks. Most of the reason for this was that I’ve been super busy with work and training, but I also didn’t want to be tempted by the popcorn machine. Movies are not the same without popcorn, so I simply avoided the theater while I was cutting.

I thought that after more than two months of strict dieting I would not be able to consume as much popcorn as I used to. Man, was I wrong about that! I ate an entire 170-ounce bag of popcorn and a bag of M&Ms! Here is a short video I shot as I popped my very first batch of post-cut popcorn:


I don’t believe popcorn ever tasted so good as that bag. I sure earned it!

I was pretty stuffed after the movie snacks, so I didn’t eat again until dinner time. I was on the fence about having a cheat meal for dinner, so I asked Lisa what she wanted:

“Well”, Lisa said, “what are my choices?”

“Anything you want!”

Lisa, who ate 100% clean with me during the entire time I was cutting, replied with absolutely no hesitation: “PIZZA!

Yeah, I ate it all.

Yeah, I ate it all.

Pizza it was. I had pepperoni pizza, 3 slices of garlic bread and a glass of red wine (first sip of alcohol in nine weeks, too). Every single bite was heaven.

Between the popcorn and the pizza, that was one heck of a sodium bomb. I figured that the shock to my system was going to have me guzzling water all night long, but that was not the case. I slept through the night and was not extra thirsty.

I was only up a couple pounds yesterday morning, which also surprised me. I figured I’d be holding at least 3 or 4 pounds of water.

I should mention that I felt noticeably lethargic yesterday morning when I woke up. Actually, I experienced some lethargy throughout most of the day yesterday. Of course I ate clean all day yesterday, and by late afternoon I was feeling more like myself. I feel awesome this morning.

Lisa and I talked about this, and she noticed the difference, too. With very few exceptions, we’re going to stick to just one cheat meal per week. Same goes for alcohol consumption.

I know some of you enjoy my blogs about gardening and home projects, so tomorrow I’m going to write about a few of the spring projects I’ve been working on. See you then!

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