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Lower back pain – new twist.

Lower Back Pain.

My lower back has been hurting since my bike wreck almost two weeks ago, but this week there’s been some new pain that was not present when I saw my doctor late last week.

It’s not a constant pain, I only feel it when I perform certain motions. For example, when I bend over slightly–legs straight–to lift the toilet seat, the pain suddenly flairs up. It’s an acute, sharp, tingling pain that I feel deep in my left buttock and at the upper inside of my left leg just below my buttock. As soon as I straighten my back, the pain goes away.

Lower Back Pain.

Lower Back Pain.

This new pain is in addition to the constant lower back aching that I’ve felt since the bike wreck. That constant lower back pain has, in fact, subsided a great deal over the past week; I’ve been diligently taking the anti-inflammatory medication (Etodolac) that my doctor prescribed, and it seems to be helping. I’ve also been taking the muscle relaxant (Cyclobenzaprine) my doctor prescribed, but only in the evenings because it knocks me on my ass. I really hate taking the Cyclobenzaprine because it makes me so dopey, but it really helps.

I’ll be going back to my doctor for my physical and to go over the results of my blood work (which I’m supposed to have done this morning), so I’ll discuss this new pain with him when I see him. Hopefully it’s just a pulled muscle and not something more serious.

I’m able to ride with the back pain, but on longer rides it becomes excruciating. For example, that 89 mile ride I did earlier this week became extremely painful after about 60 miles. With the 170 mile Cross-Florida ride just around the corner, this is a bit worrisome. I’m hoping for some significant improvement before that ride, which is just a little over a week away.