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Nice solo 115 KM ride yesterday; Injury updates. Taking a quick break a little past the midway point of yesterday's 115 kilometer (71.4 mile) solo ride.

In yesterday’s blog I discussed the two medications my doctor prescribed to me in an effort to help alleviate some of the pain I’ve been experiencing since last Saturday’s crash. One of the medications, Cyclobenzaprine, is a muscle relaxant, and it knocked me for a loop when I took a single 10 MG pill Wednesday evening. I’ll get back to this in a second… My work schedule has been very hectic lately, and I’ve been… [Read more]

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Went to the doctor yesterday (physical/blood work/bike wreck)… Dr. Rosenrosen

I went to see my doctor yesterday morning. The purpose of my visit was two-fold: I wanted to have a complete physical, including blood work, and I also wanted to make sure nothing was seriously wrong after Saturday’s bike wreck. I knew the actual physical examination would not happen yesterday, as the procedure is a little more drawn out than I’d prefer. To get the ball rolling I have to go see my primary care… [Read more]

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Spring project list; Major office cleaning and revamp (photos). MY DESK: AFTER #3. Main lights off/LEDs on. This is my morning and evening mode.

Spring is here, and that means I’ve got a huge list of annual projects to accomplish. Last year I was single-minded in my focus, spending every spare minute outside of work attacking my project list. I don’t think I rode my bike for something like 3 straight weeks last spring! This year I do not want to go even a one day without riding, and so I’ll be scaling back my list (somewhat), and performing… [Read more]

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Sunday’s post-cut splurge day (video). I really struggle with the notion that pizza can be a part of a cutting diet, even occasionally.

A few of you wrote and asked me if I enjoyed any post-cut dietary indulgences. The answer to that is YES! After 9 weeks of ultra-strict dieting, I decided to completely relax my diet on Sunday to celebrate. I ate a healthy breakfast on Sunday morning and then went for a bike ride. After that, it was all about scratching the cheat meal itch and having some fun… I’d not watched a movie up in… [Read more]

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Thoughts on XFL Training Ride #4 crash. Right after the crash. My elbow actually got off light: my right hip, glute and lower back absorbed most of the impact.

I had been looking forward to Saturday’s 210 kilometer (130 mile) Cross-Florida training group ride all week long. I was feeling great when I woke up on Saturday morning, and my only concern heading into the long ride was the saddle soreness I’ve been dealing with recently. The ride was a mixed group: most were going short (about 50 miles), and a small handful of us were going long for the full 130 mile adventure…. [Read more]

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2014 cut weekly progress report: week #9 – END OF 2014 CUT! Myotape

Week #9 of my 2014 cutting program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My goal was reached this week, and this will be my final 2014 cutting progress report. For much more information on how I went about this cut, please check out this blog. You can find my complete food logs for this cut on MyFitnessPal. Tools of the trade This is the exact equipment I use to track my… [Read more]

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Final day of my 2014 cut; 130 mile bike ride today. Big day in the saddle today! WMBC XFL Training ride #4: 130 miles (210 kilometers).

Today is the final day of my 2014 cut. It’s been a fantastic nine weeks of clean eating and hard training: as of this morning I’m down more than 26 pounds (scale weight is 159.2 pounds), and I cut my body fat percentage in half (from 12.3% to ~6%). Final stats, facts and figures will be posted in tomorrow’s blog. Over the past nine weeks I’ve ridden more miles on my bike and set more… [Read more]

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Busy work day ahead; Final two days of my 2014 cut.

Work has been kicking my butt this week! I’ve been at it since 4:30 AM this morning and, at 8:53 AM, I’m just now starting today’s blog. My scale weight this morning is 159.6 pounds, so I’m well below my goal weight of 160 pounds. Yesterday, for the third straight day, I consumed more calories than usual. The extra calories have helped, and I’m not feeling quite so famished and light-headed. I’ll probably eat a… [Read more]

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Increased calories; Riding streak alive; 2014 cut ends this weekend. This was my workday yesterday.

Yesterday I wrote that I’ve been experiencing greatly increased hunger, and some fairly serious cravings. On Tuesday I didn’t do an all-out refeed, but I increased my calories to more than 2,400. Yesterday I found myself feeling a little lightheaded, and so I further increased my calories to more than 2,700. My scale weight this morning is holding steady at 159.8 pounds, but I had Asian Stir Fry last night and am holding a small… [Read more]

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Increased appetite, cravings! Be seeing you soon!

The past couple of days I have been ravenous! Not just “Oh, I’m hungry!”, more like “I need to eat something or I’m going to pass out!” For this cut my typical breakfast has been a and a banana, which I’ve found to be a perfect carb-rich, yet light, pre-ride fueling. Yesterday I was so hungry I had to have a second Clif bar. I’ve also noticed that recently I’ve required more food/energy gels during… [Read more]

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