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March 2014: Cycling month in review.

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March was a significant month for me in many respects. I fought through injury and a busy schedule, and set quite a few personal records in the process.

This morning I’m going to take a brief breather, and have a look back at the past 31 days. Here are some of the new cycling-related personal records I set over the past month.

Cycling Personal Records

This is one of my bicycle cycling bikes. I love her.

This is one of my bicycle cycling bikes. I love her.

  • Total Distance Ridden, 1 month (March 2014): 1,810 kilometers/1,124.8 miles
  • Total Distance Ridden, 1 week (week ending March 2, 2014): 485 kilometers/301.1 miles
  • Total Elevation, 1 month (March 2014): 31,188 feet
  • Total Elevation, 1 week (week ending March 9, 2014): 9,459 feet
  • Total Riding Time, 1 month (March 2014): 58h 50m
  • Total Riding Time, 1 week (week ending March 2, 2014): 16h 20m
  • Longest Ride (March 8, 2014): 172 kilometers/106.9 miles
  • Most Century (100+ mile/161+ kilometer) rides in a single month (March 2014) : 3
  • Highest Average Speed for a 100+ mile/161+ kilometer ride (March 22, 2014) : 20.1 MPH/32.25 KPH


March 2014 MTS: Final Placing

March 2014 MTS: Final Placing

Also in March, I set a total of 52 cycling personal records for time on various Strava segments.

March saw my highest placing ever for Strava’s Monthly Training Series: I finished in the top 2% of Strava MTS cyclists worldwide, placing 1,188th out of 74,234 athletes with 1,810 kilometers ridden.

I completed my cut in March, reaching my lowest cycling weight yet: 158.4 pounds.

Here’s a look at my Cycling Training Calender for March (click to enlarge):

March 2014 Cycling Training Calender

March 2014 Cycling Training Calender


The week of March 10th-March 16th was a particularly tough week: I worked almost 80 hours that week, and then on that Saturday’s planned 130 mile training ride I had a ride-ending bike wreck. Despite the bike accident, which caused some serious back pain, I was able to keep my riding streak alive (currently at 91 days and counting).

In late 2013 I publicly announced a couple of cycling distance and elevation goals for 2014. Those goals were to ride at least 6,214 miles (10,000 kilometers) with more than 160,000 feet of elevation. We’re 25% of the way through 2014, so now’s a good time to check my progress.

My 2014 current distance total is 2,761.7 miles (4,445 kilometers), which puts me nearly 45% of the way to my 2014 distance goal.

On the elevation front, so far in 2014 I’ve climbed 66,181 feet, and so that’s a little over 41% of the way to my 2014 goal.

Here are comparisons of my distance and elevation for 2012, 2013 and 2014 YTD (click to enlarge):

Distance comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014 YTD

Distance comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014 YTD


Elevation comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014 YTD

Elevation comparison: 2012, 2013 and 2014 YTD


March was an excellent month for me, but I won’t be savoring it once I hit the “Publish” button on this blog. With some big rides planned for April (including this weekend’s 274 kilometer/170 mile cross-Florida ride!), this has the potential to be a month replete with personal bests and new high water marks.


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6 Responses to “March 2014: Cycling month in review.”
  1. neckowi says:

    Mind-blowing, inspiring numbers!

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  2. DFS says:

    So in other words, in March you rode your bike from Tampa to New York City and climbed Mt. Everest along the way.


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  3. Teh Ghost says:

    You’re a beast John!

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