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My body is acting weird. Ever since my cut ended, I seem to be ravenous pretty much constantly. I started off my maintenance phase by increasing my daily caloric intake: slowly at first, then more aggressively. I’ve been eating what I thought was well above maintenance for a couple weeks now, yet I still feel famished and even a little on the weak side at times.

Cindy knows how I feel.

Cindy knows how I feel.

Yesterday after my light recovery ride I consumed my usual protein shake: 2 scoops of protein powder, 1/2 cup of raw oats, 15 ounces of water and eight ice cubes. 30 minutes later I was still starving, so I started eating… and eating… and eating some more. I ate until I was very full, but a short time later I was hungry again, so I had yet another protein shake, this one with natural peanut butter. A couple hours later I ate dinner, and that was followed a short time later by another protein shake just before bed.

I woke up this morning chewing on my own arm, and feeling like I’d not eaten in a month.

My scale weight has remained between 160 and 162 pounds over the past 3 weeks. I ate at least 4,500 calories yesterday–probably more–and this morning I weigh exactly the same as yesterday morning: 162.2 pounds. My body fat is still 6.2%, and all my soft tape measurements have remained the same since my cut ended.

When I was cutting body fat I never felt like this, yet my caloric intake was much lower and my activity level was just as high. I suspect that due to my low body fat reserves my body simply doesn’t have much spare fuel to draw upon, and that’s why I’m so hungry all the time now. It’s amazing how much food one can consume when eating clean and doing a lot of exercise! With the big cross-Florida ride coming up on Sunday, I am going to listen to my body and eat as much as I can (clean diet, of course). Even if I put on a couple of pounds, I’d rather do that than bonk 150 miles into the ride.

Speaking of the cross-Florida ride, that ride is this coming Sunday. We’ll be rolling out on Sunday morning at 7:00 AM, so I will be traveling to the east cost of Florida on Saturday with a bunch of my friends and staying overnight at the beach. I will probably be able to do a quick blog update on Sunday morning before the ride, but I won’t be able to do my usual Sunday stats blog (I need Lisa’s help for a couple of my 7-site body fat caliper measurements). I’ve decided to do my weekly progress report a day early, so look for that on Saturday morning.

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