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Excited about this weekend’s XFL ride; Lower back much improved!

Friday, April 4, 2014 by  
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Over the past few months I’ve been training hard in anticipation of the 2014 cross-Florida (XFL) bike ride. There are two ways to go about the XFL: cyclists can either ride the entire 274 kilometers (170 miles) as a single ride on Sunday, or they can split the ride over the two-day weekend. I will be do the entire journey on a single day, Sunday.

A group of cyclists near the start of their cross-Florida journey!

A group of cyclists near the start of their cross-Florida journey!

The weather on Sunday is going to be a bit of a mixed bag. The good news is that the forecast is calling for partly cloudy skies with practically no chance of rain. The bad news is it’s going to be fairly hot, and we’ll likely be riding into a headwind for much of the ride. The high is expected to be 88° (F), and the ~8 MPH winds will be coming from of the southwest (we’re riding from the east coast to the west coast). I was really hoping it would be a little cooler, and a tailwind would have been awesome, but hey–at least it won’t be raining!

More good news: the back injury I suffered in a wreck on a recent training ride seems to be nearly healed! The sharp pain I was experiencing in my lower back, glutes and hamstrings is entirely gone, and the dull ache in my lower back is greatly reduced as well.

On my doctor’s orders, I will continue to take the anti-inflammatory he prescribed, Etodolac, but I have discontinued use of the muscle relaxant Cyclobenzaprine. I HATE how the Cyclobenzaprine made me feel (sleepy, dopey, uncoordinated and even a little grouchy), so I am very happy to be done with that one.

The only other physical issue that may be a problem on the XFL is the saddle soreness I’ve been battling. One of the two inflamed areas is 95% healed, but the other area–although much improved–will likely be a factor for the second half of the ride. I’m simply going to have to refer to Rule #5 (NSFW), suck it up and deal.

This morning I’m going to do a light ~60 kilometer social ride with some of my friends, and tomorrow I’ll likely grab a very short and easy solo ride before heading to the coast for the XFL.

As a reminder, I will be using my Garmin Edge 810‘s very cool LiveTrack feature when I do the XFL on Sunday. Anyone who wants to follow along can view my progress across the state in real-time, along with my stats such as speed, heart rate and power output. I will be posting the LiveTrack link to Facebook on Sunday morning around 7:00 AM, just before we roll out. I will be unable to post the link to my blog, as I have no way to do that from my bike. So, if you want to follow along you’ll need to connect with me on Facebook before Sunday. I will probably also be posting Facebook status updates and photos as we make the trek across the state.

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  1. I was considering a late entry into this ride but was waiting to see what the wind situation would be. Now that I see the wind forecast and we are close enough for me to believe it, I’m out. They really should do this heading east instead of west given the prevailing wind in Florida is usually from the West. In any case, it looks like a cool ride. Have fun John.

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