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I’ve got an early morning group ride I need to get to, so I thought I’d post a couple of brief blurbs on some JSF changes and updates that will be rolling out in the near future…

John Stone Fitness

John Stone Fitness

As I announced late last year, JSF BodyShop™ will be closing down in the very near future. Based on traffic and the number of logins, I can see that the vast majority of you have already abandoned the site since the announcement. Good.

JSF BodyShop™ will be closing its doors on April 30, 2014. If you have any data you would like to get off there, this is your last chance. Unfortunately any data migration will need to be performed manually.

I’m recommending MyFitnessPal as a JSF BodyShop™ replacement. I used MFP to track my diet and stats during my 2014 cut and, while not perfect, I found it to be more than adequate for my purposes. Food logging on MFP, in particular, is quite good.

Please note that the main JSF site (this site) and the JSF Forums are not in any way affected by this change, and will continue to operate normally.

As most of you know, JSF and the JSF Forums have dedicated mobile versions. On the forum side of things, we use Tapatalk, which has strong support and is actively developed/improved.

Here on the main JSF site, the mobile version is decent, but it could certainly use some improvement. I’ve been working on an all-new mobile version of JSF, and expect to be able to roll that out to the public in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Okay, almost time to ride. Yesterday I did a ~75 mile ride with a small, but fun, group. The ride wasn’t quite the hammerfest I was hoping for, but we had a good time. We fought the wind the entire ride, and there were some sections of the ride that we really pushed ourselves on.

Today’s group ride is pretty short at 38 miles, but my friend William and I will be tacking on some extra distance before and after the main ride to get our mileage totals up a bit–probably in the neighborhood of 55 miles. Still a bit on the short side, so hopefully we can do this one at a good clip.

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