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Next training program begins, FTP test today with Stages power meter.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 by  
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I’ve got a busy work day ahead and very limited free time available to ride (1 hour, max). Also, it looks like we’re going to see some heavy rainfall as a front pushes through the region later today. Put another way, the stars have finally aligned, and I’m out of excuses: today I’ll enter the pain cave and kick off the next six-week cycling training program I’ll be doing, TrainerRoad’s “Intermediate Base II”. This new training program, of course, must begin with a re-evaluation of my FTP (Functional Threshold Power*). The FTP test is a painful little ditty, but a necessary one.

*For information on FTP and other terms related to training with power, please see my article “Coggan’s Power Based Training“.

In yesterday’s blog I analyzed an 8-minute section of Saturday’s ride (which I rode for time as sort of an informal FTP test), so I have some idea of what to expect today.

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Even though I’ve performed several indoor tests comparing the Stages power meter to TrainerRoad’s VirtualPower (here’s Part I and Part II), and I’ve also done some outdoor testing (again, see yesterday’s blog), today’s FTP test contains a lot of variables and unknowns. Put another way, all my geeky data collection and number crunching is, ultimately, nothing more than educated speculation; today’s FTP test using my power meter is where the rubber meets the road.

Idioms aside, this really is going to be an interesting and enlightening trainer ride. To the delight of tens of my readers, I’ll take a good look at the data in tomorrow’s blog. 😉

As my testing demonstrated, VirtualPower is very consistent when compared to other VP rides using the same equipment, but the VP data is not directly comparable to power meter data. Because of that, and because I will no longer be using TrainerRoad’s VirtualPower from this point forward, I’ve reset all my power personal records on TrainerRoad (here’s my TrainerRoad career page).

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7 Responses to “Next training program begins, FTP test today with Stages power meter.”
  1. I too have been using Trainerroad with the Kurt Kinetic and it’s helped my riding considerably. I’m about to finish Inter. Base I and will probably repeat. I’m also using the Kurt Inride device and it’s been a great tool.

    The one thing I’m having trouble reconciling is strength training. Do you have a link to a post that discusses your once-per-week program?

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