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New distance and elevation PRs for April; Chain replacement.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 by  
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Last month I set new single-month cycling personal records for both distance (1,810.19 kilometers/1,124.8 miles) and elevation (31,188 feet). April has been another big riding month for me, and with one day left in the month I’ve put myself in perfect position to break both of those records, having ridden 1,743.24 kilometers/1,083.2 miles with 30,623 feet of elevation thus far.

Here’s my distance chart from the past year (click to enlarge):

Distance cycled by month: April 2013 - April 2014

Distance cycled by month: April 2013 – April 2014


This morning I’ll be riding around 80 kilometers/50 miles with at least 1,600 feet of elevation, so last month’s records are going down. This is particularly satisfying because April was one day shorter than March.

Those are just a couple of personal bests I set in April. I’ll have a complete wrap-up of my cycling month in tomorrow’s blog.

Remember in mid-March when I crashed during one of the Cross-Florida training rides? When I examined the bike in an effort to determine what caused the crash (it was due to a mechanical), the only thing I could come up with is that the chain was stretched enough to rattle off the big ring as I powered out of a corner on a bumpy road. Even though my Park Chain Wear indicator tool showed that the chain was within specs, I decided that from that point forward I was simply going to replace the chain every 3,200 kilometers/2,000 miles.

The downside to riding 3,700 kilometers/2,300 miles in less than two months is I’m going through chains quickly. It’s only been six weeks since I put a brand new KMC X10SL chain on my bike, and it’s already time to replace it–and not just because I’ve nearly reached 2,000 miles. Yesterday evening I was tuning up my bike, and I decided to check the chain for stretch. I was surprised when my Chain Wear indicator fit, which means it is time to replace the chain! I suppose ~62,000 feet of elevation over the past two months may have had something to do with that.

Finally, I use Strava to automatically track the mileage on all of my bike components. This is a powerful feature offered by Strava and, unfortunately, many people overlook it. I took an in-depth look at this section of Strava in my article, “An underutilized, but very useful Strava feature: component mileage tracking“, so be sure to give it a gander.

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