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Excellent ride yesterday, reaping the rewards of the 8DC.

Saturday, May 24, 2014 by  
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Yesterday morning I did my first non-recovery ride since completing TrainerRoad’s “8 Days in California” (8DC) challenge. The 82 kilometer (51 mile) route took us north from Wooton Park, then turned west through Altoona and, finally, we pedaled southward through Emerelda marsh back to Wooton.

Wooton park is very nice, but starting our rides from there requires about a 15 kilometer stop-and-start slow grind until we reach some open road. I don’t mind warming up at a relaxed pace, but I’m not a big fan of all the traffic, road furniture and the frequent stops. Our pace for the first 15 kilometers was a forced 27 km/h (16.8 MPH). By the time we hit a clear stretch of road, I was dying to drop the hammer…

Stretching our legs on the open road...

Stretching our legs on the open road…

We were riding into a headwind, but we all took strong pulls (there were just three of us in our group). I wasn’t trying to set any records for time, but rode at a decently hard, consistent pace. I wound up setting personal records for time on every segment on the route, and I never once felt like I was redlining.

Our average pace, including the very slow ~15 kilometer beginning and end, was right at 32 km/h (20 MPH). When I zoomed in on the bulk of the ride, cropping out the congested roads at the beginning and the end, I saw that our pace was 35 km/h (21.6 MPH). I was happy with that.

Here’s the complete ride with all data on Strava.

I’m really happy with how good I felt yesterday. The “8 Days in California” challenge was extremely challenging and painful, but it looks like I received quite a bit of fitness in return for my investment.

I’ve got another group ride this morning, this one with quite a few people. I don’t think this ride will be particularly fast-paced, but if the collective winds the pace up I’ll be in there.

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