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Endorphins tricked me yesterday; Cold improving.

Yogi Peach Detox Tea - Love this stuff!

Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty crappy (I have a bad cold), but I forced myself to get out and ride anyway. I was originally going to do a short 32 kilometer (20 mile) ride at a very relaxed Zone 1 (Recovery) pace, but once I got warmed up I started feeling much better. I decided to extend the ride a bit and wound up doing 50 kilometers (31.4 miles) in Zone 2 (Endurance). That ride would be the best I’d feel all day…

Yogi Peach Detox Tea - Love this stuff!

Yogi Peach Detox Tea – Love this stuff!

Once the post-ride glow wore off I went right back to feeling the effects of the cold. Hot food and liquids felt great on my scratchy throat and helped with my sinuses, so I sipped on hot tea and strong black coffee all day yesterday. I also ate lots of oatmeal.

Despite the cold, my appetite has been excellent, and so I’ve been eating above maintenance with plenty of healthy and nutritious foods.

I slept fairly well last night, but this morning when I woke up I felt really groggy, stuffed up and basically just out of it. Now that I’ve been up for a few hours I’m feeling much better. I think I’m over the hump, and I expect that I’ll be fully recovered by the time my vacation starts this weekend!

I’m not going to let the endorphins fool me on today’s ride. I’m going to keep it short, and light (Zone 1 / Recovery).

I’d better get moving, I’ve got lots of work to accomplish before my vacation starts on Friday.