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Post-vacation report: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Monday, June 16, 2014 by  
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A couple steps back…” ~The Man With No Name

Hello, friends! I enjoyed my time away, but I sure have missed writing every morning. It’s great to be back!

As you can see, Blondie is making an apropos appearance in my post-vacation report. Let’s get down to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Still unavailable for comment.

The Good.
I had a fun and, for the most part, extremely relaxing couple of weeks off. That’s not to say I spent the time sitting on my butt. In fact, apart from a few hours watching movies, I spent the vast majority of my time doing some form of physical activity.

Of course I rode every single day of my vacation (my 2014 daily riding streak is alive and well), and so far this month I’ve cycled more than 913 kilometers (567 miles). I’m actually on pace to break my current single-month distance PR of 1,818 kilometers (1,129.4 miles), which I set in April.

It looks like my single-month elevation PR will also fall this month. During the first 15 days in June I’ve logged 19,179 feet (5,846 meters) of vertical, and that’s well ahead of pace to break my existing single-month PR of 32,848 feet (10,012 meters).

I’ve also set numerous PRs for time this month on various solo and group rides.

I had several excellent weight training workouts–a nice mix of intensity work and low volume/heavy strength training. All compound exercises.

In addition to cycling and weights, I spent quite a bit of time doing projects around the house. I estimate that I put in 20-25 hours working outside in the sweltering Florida heat. I can’t say that work was particularly enjoyable, but it was certainly satisfying and productive.

The Bad.
My diet, for the most part, sucked. There’s really no better way to put it. I ate some form of junk food nearly every day–everything from movie theater popcorn to pizza. I also, um, “relaxed” my once per week/3 beer drinking “rule”.

One night in particular I got straight up plastered. Lisa was out of town that night, and I started feeling extremely lonely: for the first time in almost 20 years I did not have Loki and/or Turtle with me while Lisa was gone. The realization hit me out of nowhere, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more disconnected or alone in my life. I started drinking while going through old movies and pictures of Loki and Turtle. I still miss them terribly.

I woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly good, and had an outstanding bike ride with several new PRs set. I guess I needed that.

The Ugly.
Despite all that physical activity, my scale weight is up. The Sunday before my vacation started (May 25th), my scale weight was a bloated 166.2 pounds. Well, this morning my weight is an even more bloated 171 pounds. I do not know what my current body fat percentage is, nor have I done any soft tape measurements since the 25th. I’m holding water right now, but I can definitely tell I’ve also added fat.

I’ve decided that I’m going to kick off a little mini-cut, starting today. I worked way too hard during my 2014 cut (finishing at 158.4 pounds/6.2% body fat) to remain where I am this morning.

Rather than depress myself with body fat and soft tape measurements this morning, I’m going to eat very clean and strict all week long and take a full set of measurements this coming Sunday. This will allow me to bleed off the water weight (and perhaps a pound or two of fat), and give me a more accurate picture of what I’m looking at. I suspect I’ll need 3 weeks or so to get back down to 160 pounds, which I feel is ideal for me.

I’ve really got to wrap this up. I need to ride and get back to making a dent in this pile of work on my desk. More tomorrow. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Post-vacation report: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
    • Thanks Dan, it’s good to be back. Hope your vacation rocks!

      With regards to a new canine addition to our family, Lisa and I have talked about it a little bit, but neither of us are quite there yet. We’re definitely going to get two dogs–preferably a pair from the shelter who would otherwise have to be separated.

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