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Iced coffee as a delicious calorie-free treat!

Thursday, June 19, 2014 by  
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I am a coffee and tea lover. While I really enjoy a good, strong, fresh cup, I am not what one would call a “coffee snob”: I don’t roast my own beans and I’ve not invested thousands in fancy equipment. That said, I’ve always prepared my morning coffee by grinding quality whole beans using a burr grinder, and I don’t like coffee that isn’t extremely fresh, but that’s about as far as I need to take it to enjoy my morning coffee.

I also find some of the better K-Cups to be excellent tasting. K-Cups appeal to me because I like being able to enjoy several different brews on the same morning, and I love that each cup is 100% fresh and ready in about 30 seconds with no mess or clean-up. I find that the Keurig single-cup brewers provide the perfect blend of brew quality, flexibility and convenience. We have the Keurig K75 Platinum, and Lisa and I just love it.

We have tried several dozen different K-Cups, and there are some real gems in the huge 250+ variety lineup. Lisa and I both like strong, bold and dark roasts. I drink my coffee black, while Lisa likes hers with a splash of Almond Milk (Unsweetened, Vanilla) and a few drops of liquid Stevia.

While I love strong, black coffee, I can’t stand any hint of bitterness or acidity: I want bold, but smooth. With that in mind, here are my current favorite K-Cups:

I still enjoy a hot cup of Yogi Peach DeTox Tea every afternoon and a cup of Yogi Bedtime Tea every evening, but sometimes I crave something a little stronger and sweeter (I don’t sweeten my hot tea).

This brings me to the main point of today’s blog: Iced coffee!

There are K-Cup iced coffees available, but I avoid those because they are loaded with sugar and crap like hydrogenated coconut oil, corn syrup solids and chemicals.

I found that brewing any of the strong K-Cup coffees mentioned above (using the 4-ounce setting) directly over a large glass filled with ice, and then adding a splash of Unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a few drops of liquid Stevia makes an excellent-tasting and (practically) zero calorie treat (click to enlarge):

I made this iced coffee yesterday afternoon when I had a craving for something sweet. Zero calories, cooling and tastes great!

I made this iced coffee yesterday afternoon when I had a craving for something sweet. Zero calories, cooling and tastes great!


The only ingredient that has any calories is the unsweetened almond milk, but that contains just 30 calories for an entire US Cup! So a little splash of almond milk is practically insignificant from a caloric standpoint, and is more than offset from the metabolic boost provided by the caffeine.

This is a fantastic treat when you’re craving something cool and sweet on a hot summer day, and you can have it “guilt free” (I hate that term, but you know what I mean). Enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Iced coffee as a delicious calorie-free treat!”
  1. Hah, hat’s way too much effort for my simple needs. I find that brewing a strong blend directly over the ice works great, provided I use the 4-ounce setting on the Keurig (since some of the ice will melt and dilute the brew).

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  2. I brew by the pot and will often make an extra “cup” (a four-cup pot of coffee) to put in the refrigerator and drink later in the day. Made and stored fresh, the flavor holds-up well in the refrigerator for a day or so. I prefer a little sugar and half-and-half.

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  3. Tully’s Italian Roast is great; you might want to give it a shot. I’ve tried all of the ones you’ve mentioned and I like them, but this one is just as strong, but with a smoother finish. Jet Fuel, in particular, was nice and strong but after awhile, I noticed that the finish was a little on the bitter side. I was also able to pick up Starbucks Verona Blend KCups from Staples at half price, which was a steal. Not sure if the sale is still on, but might be worth scoping out.

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  4. Thanks, Greg. I’ve tried the Tulley’s Italian Roast and I really liked it, but I prefer the Barista Prima French Roast over it. The Barista Prima tastes stronger to me, and personally I found it to be just as smooth as the Tulley’s. Jet Fuel is really similar to Black Tiger, and I actually prefer Black Tiger by a small margin, but I get a great deal on Jet Fuel because it’s available via Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, while Black Tiger is not. 🙁

    I’ve not tried the Starbucks Verona, I’ll check it out!

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  5. So John, what really gives with the coffee tug o’war? Coffee is good one week, the next it isn’t. It’s a fat burner, but too much cortisol production. It’s worse than the egg scandal, so what’s your take on it?-is it beneficial or a hinderance?

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