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Bonked during a hard effort yesterday; Upcoming article preview.

Friday, June 27, 2014 by  
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I’ve been in a caloric deficit for nearly two weeks now, and things have been going quite well (my weekly report will be on Sunday, as always). On yesterday morning’s ride, however, I bonked a bit. Nothing too serious, but there’s no question that it was a fuel issue.

I was putting in a strong, supra-threshold (Zone 5: VO2 MAX) effort over some rolling terrain when the bonk hit me. The stretch of road I was riding for time is a little shy of 7 kilometers (4.2 miles), and it’s divided by a busy road crossing at the halfway point. I was doing well when I reached the halfway point, averaging 333 watts and 41 km/h (25.5 MPH)–I set a new PR and got the segment KOM, too.

So I slowed for the street crossing, and there were cars left and right. Drat. I had to stop and wait for a short time before I could make the crossing. Once the road cleared I quickly began to wind things back up; that was when I hit the wall. Picture a knife in a beach ball: the escaping air was my energy. That’s how fast it happened.

I love GU Energy Gels! Just one of these staved off a hard bonk and saved my ride yesterday.

I love GU Energy Gels! Just one of these staved off a hard bonk and saved my ride yesterday.

I backed off on the intensity, somewhere in the 200 watt range, and scarfed a GU Energy Gel. Less than a kilometer later, the weakness began to abate, but I was definitely still in the bonk zone. Between the unlucky street crossing and the bonk, I wound up missing the KOM on the 7.2 kilometer segment, and had to settle for 2nd overall. Next time. 🙂

Before this ride I had a couple fairly intense Zone 3 / Tempo rides (including a pretty tough mountain bike ride on Wednesday), and I probably should have done a recovery yesterday.

Today I’m going to do a light recovery ride, as tomorrow I’ll be doing a longer and, presumably, more intense group ride. I’ll also be doing a refeed tomorrow, including my weekly splurge meal.

Finally, last night I began working on a new article. I’ve written, on occasion, about the stuff I carry with me on my training and club road rides, but I’ve never actually taken the time put it all together a single cohesive article. I receive a fair number of questions on this subject, so I decided it would be worthwhile to go into a decent amount of detail, with plenty of pictures. I should have the article ready to go by tomorrow morning, Monday at the latest.

Time to ride! Happy Friday!

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