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Halfway to my mini-cut goal, feeling good.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 by  
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I’m very pleased with how my post-vacation “mini-cut” is coming along so far. I’ve not cut my calories too drastically, as I want to maintain my power and energy levels as much as possible. I’ve also not altered or scaled back my cycling training or intensity in the least bit (if you caught yesterday’s blog you already knew that), nor do I have plans to do so.


I’ve felt a few hunger pangs between meals here and there, mostly in the late afternoon before dinner time. My diet surrounding my usual morning training ride time (breakfast, intra-ride, post-ride and lunch) is virtually identical to what I typically consume while I’m maintaining, and I think that’s working well for me. I’ve only suffered one minor bonk on a ride (see this blog), and that was last week during a very hard and extended supra-threshold (VO2 MAX) effort in the heat.

My scale weight is 166 pounds (@ ~7.5% body fat) this morning, which is roughly half of the way (from my post-vacation weight) back to my desired weight of 160 pounds. If it takes a few more weeks to get there I’m totally cool with that. I’d rather take it a little slower than hurt my performance, and right now I’m happy with the balance I’ve struck. I’ve set quite a few new personal records over the past few weeks, and that’s always a good litmus test. In fact, a couple days ago on Monday’s 105 kilometer (65 mile) ride I set 5 PRs for time and four power output PRs on that same ride. Felt solid the whole way, too.

Time to train!

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