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Happy Independence Day; My plans for the 4th.

Friday, July 4, 2014 by  
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Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

Quick blog this morning, as I’ve got quite a big day planned celebrating the the birth of our Nation!

Right after I post this I’m going to kick the day off with a short and easy early morning road ride with my friend William. We’re going to keep it light, as we’ve got a fairly long group ride in the hills on Saturday morning. We’ll need our legs fresh for that one.

Immediately after this morning’s road ride I’ll have just enough time to grab my mountain bike and my MTB shoes, re-fill my water bottle and get over to the trails for a mountain bike ride with my friend Mike! Mike, as many of you know, was diagnosed with stomach cancer about six months ago.

Mike’s battle with cancer has been exceptionally brutal–both on him, and his family. In addition to the very difficult surgery in which 90% of Mike’s stomach and some of his colon was removed (not to mention the subsequent chemo and radiation treatments), Mike has also suffered from numerous extremely painful and serious complications. There’s no way to sugarcoat it: down nearly a staggering 100 pounds since the surgery, Mike’s been through living hell this year. I’m happy to report that even though Mike is still weak and lacking energy, he’s finally able to eat again, and his spirits are up. While he’s not entirely out of the woods, things are looking up.

Mike’s done a few light rides around his neighborhood, but until this week he has been physically unable to go mountain biking. I’m pleased to report that I, Mike’s son and some of our friends were able to join Mike as he made his very first post-cancer return to the trails on Wednesday. Mike back in the woods on his mountain bike was a watershed event in his recovery, and so Wednesday was a very good day indeed.

After the mountain bike ride I’ve got to do some yard work. Hey, it’s got to be done some time this weekend, might as well knock it out early.

Once the chores are done, I’m probably going to catch a movie with Lisa.

Tonight I’m going fire up the grill, enjoy a couple of Fat Tire ales and watch some fireworks. Yeah, I’m giving myself an extra splurge meal for the holiday. 🙂

Wishing my fellow Americans a safe and happy Independence Day celebration!

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