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Using negativity to bring about positive change.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 by  
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Something I strongly believe, and have written about many times, is that properly channeled negative emotions can bring about positive results. The most obvious personal example I can provide is my initial transformation. In the About Me section of this site, I cited anger as one of the primary motivators behind the drastic life changes I decided to make back in 2003.

negative positiveThere’s no question that the anger I was feeling about the condition I’d put myself in was one of the biggest driving forces behind the first few weeks of my transformation. As I began to make progress and see the results of my hard work, those feelings of anger were replaced by positivity and excitement: “This is working! I’m really doing it!”

I tend to be a very positive person, but everyone has bad days. I was having one of “those” mornings yesterday, but instead of dwelling on the negativity I directed it towards something positive. I took all that negative energy and put it into my bike’s pedals. When I completed the 85 kilometer (53 mile) ride, all that bad juju was gone with the sweat I left on the road behind me. I set 11 new personal records for time, including 4 KOMs.

Negative emotions have a tremendous amount of power, and that power can cut both ways. Why let negativity eat you up like a cancer when you can use it as fuel to move forward? The next time you are feeling out of sorts, make a conscious effort to direct that energy towards something positive. You’ll be glad that you did 100% time–I personally guarantee it, or double your money back.

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