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We have a furry house guest…


Lisa and I are very excited right now: we’re dog-sitting!

My friend Mike, who you may recall has been recovering from stomach cancer treatment all year long, is doing much better now. After an incredibly difficult year, Mike is taking his family on a much needed vacation. Our household has seemed so quiet since Loki died, and Lisa and I jumped at the chance to care for Mike’s dog while he and his family are off enjoying some fun in the sun.

Mike’s dog is a playful brindle Boxer named “Harley”, and her energy level is only matched by her sweetness:




Yesterday Harley and I played for long time in the backyard, and I was starting to wonder if she would ever get tired! If I had half of Harley’s energy I’d be wearing the Yellow Jersey in Le Tour right now.

When we were finally done playing, she jumped up on the couch with me and draped over my body like a 70-pound lap dog.

This is going to be a fun weekend. đŸ™‚