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Trying new product today; Dog-sitting is fun; Forums.

Harley thinks she is a lap dog.

A few quick topics this morning…

Some of you may recall my recent article, “What I carry on road rides“. In that article I touched on the somewhat controversial subject of under-the-saddle bags. Personally I think a micro bag on training rides is just fine, although there’s no question that bikes look better without them. Check out the aforementioned article for more of my thoughts on that subject.

Anyway, one of the riders in my club, Eugene, mentioned a product he’s been using instead of an under-the-saddle bag: the Sticky Pod. I thought the product looked interesting, and so I ordered one. I’ve got it all loaded up, and have removed my saddle bag. I am going to ride with the sticky pod this morning, and will present my thoughts in tomorrow’s blog.

We are having a blast dog-sitting my friend Mike’s boxer, Harley! She is extremely sweet and well-behaved, and has fit right in with us. I’m getting lots of extra exercise trying to keep up with her. In between play time, she loves to jump up on the couch and snuggle. Here she is with Lisa, who was physically unable to get up until Harley decided that it was okay:

Harley thinks she is a lap dog.

Harley thinks she is a lap dog.


Finally, I want to thank everyone for all the solid input provided with regards to the forums. I’ve decided that I will be adding some new forums, and will be working on the plan over the weekend. I’ll present my plan to the community, and will solicit more feedback before “making it so”.

Happy Friday!