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Weight down, power up; New photo.

Saturday, July 26, 2014 by  
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It’s shaping up to be another productive week of fat loss–and my power on the bike and energy levels have not suffered in the least.

My scale weight as of this morning is 162.8 pounds (73.85 kilograms), and a couple of my soft tape measurements have gone down another quarter inch over the past week. As always, I’ll be doing a full set of soft tape measurements, a 7-site body fat test and a full analysis of my “mini-cut” in Sunday’s blog.

Last night after dinner (Tilapia, mixed veggies and brown rice), I noticed vascularity in my arms and legs that I’ve not seen since my cut ended back in March. I grabbed this crappy cell phone shot right before bed (click to enlarge):

Arm vascularity last night before bed.

Arm vascularity last night before bed.


When I hit the hills around here I have definitely noticed the 10 pounds I’ve dropped since my vacation ended last month. My power on the bike has not only held steady as I’ve cut weight, I’ve been setting PRs left and right (in fact, on yesterday’s ride I tied my 3-minute power output PR with 391 watts). July is shaping up to be one of my strongest months on the bike in several respects, and I’ll go into all of that when I do my monthly cycling report on August 1st.

I’ve decided that as long as I’m feeling strong on the bike, I’m going to continue to cut weight. If I can keep my power high while dipping down into the middle 150 pound (70 kilogram) range, that will make a huge difference when I’m in the mountains this September for the Six Gap Century.

On that note, time to eat and get to my group ride. Today’s ride is going to be fairly short at 100 kilometers, so hopefully it will be fast. 🙂

P.S. I rode with the new Sticky Pod mentioned in yesterday’s blog, but I want to do a couple more rides with it before I post my thoughts. Look for that next week some time.

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6 Responses to “Weight down, power up; New photo.”
  1. John–
    Two quick questions–with all of the PRs you’re getting nearly every time out, it seems that perhaps cardiovascular performance gains may come more quickly than pure strength gains (from lifting). Could you comment on that?

    Also–will all of the biking you’ve been doing and the steady performance improvements you’ve seen, what’s happened with your cardio stats? V02 max, resting heart rate, etc. I’d imagine those are off the charts by now…?

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    • I’m not sure I fully understand your first question, would you mind clarifying it? I’m a little slow… 🙂

      As for my cardio stats, I guess have sort of “graduated” to stats that are much more relevant to cycling: mainly the power I am able to generate/hold at at various time intervals at a given weight. Cardio fitness, of course, plays a significant roll in that.

      That’s not to suggest that the stats I used to track are not important. I do still track my resting HR (it’s 41 BPM as of last Sunday), and since I know my MAX (198 BPM) I also know my Reserve (157). I have not checked my Heart Rate Recovery in quite some time, and that might be interesting to re-test.

      I no longer track my VO2 MAX using the Uth—Sørensen—Overgaard—Pedersen equation, which was only an at home estimate of my VO2 MAX anyway.

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  2. Nah, you’re not slow, just my wording was a bit off. Here’s what I was getting at: is it easier to get gains in cardio fitness rather than in raw strength? It seems that you’re always breaking PRs (which is quite inspirational!) in your cycling endeavors, which would imply to me that you’re not hitting the plateaus that one frequently encounters in strength training.

    That made me realize that different things are happening in one’s body when strength vs. cardio gains are made; that is, in strength, you have to break down and then rebuild muscle, but in cardio, other stuff (I don’t know exactly what…) is happening in your body that results in improvements. I was wondering if perhaps the nature of the cardio-related changes is such that they can be made in a more linear fashion than strength-related changes.

    I hope this makes more sense–

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    • Wow, that’s a big subject. The two activities are so incredibly different. A real (scientific) discussion of this topic is, quite honestly, above my pay grade, but I’ll take a very casual stab at it.

      Yes, I’m always training hard and trying to improve my strength, power and stamina on the bike, but that’s no different than when I was lifting for strength/hypertrophy. If you think back to pretty much every bulk I’ve ever done, I was setting PRs nearly every workout.

      Weights or bike, I’ve always put everything I have, everything I’ve learned and a lot of time/hard work into both of those sports. Hard work, intelligently executed with consistency, pretty much always translates into regular progress.

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    • I’ve certainly hit 200+ BPM before, but that was quite some time ago. Max heart rates change, just like resting heart rates change. The highest heart rate I’ve hit this year is 199 BPM (so I was 1 BPM off in my response above–I double checked thanks to your question), and so that’s what I’m using for my current HR Max.

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