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Fun weekend ahead; WMBC bike club kit has arrived!

Saturday, August 2, 2014 by  
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I’ve got a fantastic weekend on tap!

This morning I’m doing a group ride with the Crazies, and today’s ~82 kilometer route is one of my favorites. Today’s route includes some really fun fast stretches, and there are a couple decent hills to charge as well. A couple months ago when we did this route I had a particularly good ride, and I’m hoping for an even better performance today. This particular route also delivers us to the always amazing Yalaha Bakery, but I probably won’t indulge today (more on why below).

I’m especially excited about today’s ride because my official WMBC (We Must Be Crazy) kit has finally arrived. I started riding with the Crazies in late 2012, but group kit orders are typically only placed every few years. So, until now, I’ve not been able to fly Crazy colors when I ride with them. Earlier this year the new design was approved, and this past spring the all-new WMBC kits finally went live for order at Primal’s custom shop. Primal promised delivery by August 1st, and sure enough my package arrived yesterday:

We Must Be Crazy kit!

We Must Be Crazy kit!


After this morning’s ride we’ve got family coming to stay with us for the weekend. The timing of our family members’ arrival couldn’t be more perfect: today is my weekly splurge meal, and everyone will be arriving just in time for my post-ride meal. We’re all going out to eat, and I am going to take full advantage.

Have a great Saturday!

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4 Responses to “Fun weekend ahead; WMBC bike club kit has arrived!”
  1. The leg comments reminded me of a thought that might make for an interesting blog entry.

    Can a person use cycling as a way to build leg size and how does it compare to conventional weight lifting for building leg size?

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