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Enjoyed a few days of recovery, feeling great for today’s ride.

Friday, August 8, 2014 by  
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It’s amazing the things that are overlooked when racing or riding in hammer mode.

When I posted the picture immediately below–which I took on yesterday morning’s recovery ride–to my Facebook account, my friend Tracy (of Ride Across USA fame) said, “So where in this area is that beautiful scene?”

I took time out from yesterday's easy recovery ride to enjoy watching these horses graze down in "power line valley".

I took time out from yesterday’s easy recovery ride to enjoy watching these horses graze down in “power line valley”.


I told Tracy where I took the picture, and she replied with, “Ok — I know it now. Guess I haven’t slowed down enough to take it in!”

Exactly. Same here. I replied to Tracy with, “Yeah, it’s amazing how much new stuff I see on familiar routes when I’m doing an easy recovery ride!”

As someone who enjoys riding fast, recovery rides have always been a bit of an (pardon the pun) uphill battle for me. But I’m getting there, and slowly learning to embrace the recovery ride (see my recent article, “Zen and the art of the Recovery Ride“). Discovering beautiful areas that I normally blow by doing mach two with my hair on fire is, I must admit, pretty cool.

In fact, the past few days have all been easy rides as I’ve “worked” to bring my fatigue level down, which was sky-high after Tuesday’s ride. Well, I guess I’m recovered because this morning I feel like a caged animal. Check out my current “Fitness and Freshness” graph (click to enlarge):

My Fitness and Freshness chart as of August 9, 2014.

My Fitness and Freshness chart as of August 9, 2014.


After just three days of easy rides (totaling ~162 kilometers/100 miles), my “Fitness” score has only dropped a small amount (from 95 to 92), but my “Fatigue” score has dropped considerably, from an all-time peak of 111 all the way down to 89. My “Form” score (which is simply “Fitness” minus “Fatigue”) has increased from -16 to 3. For more information on what all of this means, please check out my recent article, “Strava’s Fitness and Freshness feature“.

This morning’s group ride is taking us to the hills, and I am planning to ride extremely hard. This ride will not involve flowers or horses; only heat, burning legs, hard-fought watts, buckets of sweat and sweet pain. That’s my kind of Saturday.

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