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106 miles on hottest day of the year; My Madone’s 10,000 mile birthday.

Saturday, August 23, 2014 by  
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The name of the club I ride with on most Saturdays is “We Must Be Crazy”, and today we’re going to earn our name.

Today's forecast: 99°F, Heat Index of 106°F. Hey, let's ride 170 kilometers (106 miles)!

Today’s forecast: 99°F, Heat Index of 106°F. Hey, let’s ride 170 kilometers (106 miles)!

It’s looking like the hottest day of the year is in store: we’re facing a high temperature of 99°F (32.7°C) and a Heat Index of 115° (46.1°C).

Today’s scheduled ride is 170 kilometers (106 miles), and it’s going to be a pretty tough day in the saddle with this severe heat and humidity. Those Crazies who still have some of their sanity intact will be going short in order to avoid the worst of the heat, but it looks like we’re going to have a pretty decent turnout for the full ride. As most of you who know me have probably surmised, I’ll be doing the full 170 kilometers.

This kind of heat is no joke, especially when heavily exerting yourself for 5+ hours. I’m going to be exceptionally careful about my hydration and electrolyte intake today.

Unfortunately my rear Zipp 404 wheel is still at the shop being re-laced, so I’ll be rolling today on my heavy spare wheel (the spare wheel weighs almost twice as much as my Zipp), which is normally reserved for my indoor fluid trainer.

At about the halfway point of today’s ride, my 1-year old (brought her home mid-August 2013) 2013 Trek Madone 5.9 will be celebrating her 10,000 mile birthday! For her present I installed a fresh set of bottom bracket bearings when I tuned her up yesterday.

Pizza and beer will never taste better than they will tonight, but right now it’s time to get some breakfast in me, fill my bottles and start peddling!

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