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2014 maintenance progress report: week #23

Sunday, August 24, 2014 by  
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Week #23 of my 2014 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report.

Tools of the trade
This is the exact equipment I use to track my progress every week


The FatTrack Pro Digital Body Fat Caliper

The FatTrack Pro Digital Body Fat Caliper

My scale weight this morning (as measured by the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale) is 161.6 pounds. That’s a -0.0 pound change since last week’s weight of 161.6 pounds, and a +3.2 pound change from my 2014 maintenance starting weight of 158.4 pounds.

My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Caliper) is 6.3%. That’s a -0.0% change since last week’s body fat measurement of 6.3%, and a +0.1% change from my 2014 maintenance starting body fat measurement of 6.2%.

Over the past week I’ve lost 0.0 pounds of fat and lost 0.0 pounds of lean mass. Since the beginning of my 2014 maintenance program I’ve gained a total of 0.36 pounds of fat and gained a total of 2.84 pounds of lean mass.

My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) indicate no changes over the past week. Since the beginning of my 2014 maintenance program I’ve gained a quarter-inch to each my waist, my hips and my thighs, while all other measurements have remained the same.



I picked up a virus this week, but I managed to quickly fight it off without missing a single step (or pedal stroke, as it were). My wife, Lisa, unfortunately did not fare quite as well, and had to go to the doctor (she’s doing much better now).

As you just read above, literally every stat I track–scale weight, soft tape measurements and body fat–is 100% identical to what it was one week ago. That doesn’t happen too often!

Yesterday’s 169 kilometer (105 mile) ride started off early and relatively cool, but the second half of the ride was ridiculously hot. Check out the temperature graph of the last 72 kilometers (45 miles), as recorded by my Garmin Edge 810 (click to enlarge):

The last 45 miles of yesterday's 105 mile ride.

The last 45 miles of yesterday’s 105 mile ride.


When we finished the ride the heat index was 116°F. During the ride itself I consumed about 175 ounces (more than a gallon) of water and Gatorade, several GU energy gels, SaltStick electrolyte capsules and so on, and I still finished the ride down a little more than 4 pounds. That said, I’m surprised I’m not holding more water this morning, as my post-ride cheat meal was truly epic: an entire peperoni pizza (plus half of Lisa’s), 5 slices of cheesy garlic bread and Five Fat Tire ales. That meal was a little over 3,000 calories, and when I finished it I felt comfortably full.



Diet this week was clean and healthy, no surprises there. Yesterday, as you just read, I had one hell of a post-ride splurge meal.

To drink this week I consumed water (about 1.5+ gallons per day), several cups of black coffee each morning, a little calorie-free iced coffee, a cup of warm Yogi Peach DeTox tea each afternoon and a cup of warm Yogi Bedtime tea each evening before bed. I also consumed Gatorade on my longer rides. As mentioned above, I had five Fat Tire ales with yesterday’s cheat meal.

My daily food logs can be found on MyFitnessPal.



Activity level over the past week has been moderately high.

So far this week I’ve cycled a total of 407.3 kilometers (253.1 miles), and today I should add around 50-60 kilometers to that total with a recovery ride of some sort.

My 2014 riding streak continues unbroken with 236 straight days in the saddle starting December 31, 2013.

My cycling totals for 2014 (235 days) currently stand at 12,950.55 kilometers (8,047.1 miles) with 73,561.96 meters (241,345 feet) of elevation. My total riding time for 2014 is 427 hours in the saddle.

I’ve set 264 cycling personal records for time so far in 2014, and numerous power output personal records.



I felt really good on the bike yesterday, and am super happy that the bug Lisa passed onto me didn’t take hold. Despite having done a couple 100+ mile rides in less than a week, and one of those was yesterday, my legs feel great this morning. I feel like my base is strong as I head toward Six Gap, and now I need to turn my training attention towards climbing. More on that next week…

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