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On track for 2,000 km month; A century per day for a month?

Monday, August 25, 2014 by  
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I mentioned earlier this month that I was looking to break my single-month cycling distance personal record (currently 1,838 km/1,142.1 miles, set last month) and to also break the 2,000 kilometer (1,243 mile) mark for the first time. I’m ahead of pace to accomplish both of those goals, having ridden a total of 1,600 kilometers/994 miles so far in August. With seven days of riding remaining in the month, I’ll only need to average 57.14 kilometers/35.5 miles per day. Nothing short of a serious injury is going to stop me from reaching this goal.

GoalsLast week I did two 162+ kilometer/100+ mile rides, and the day after each of those centuries my legs felt great. About the only thing that was even remotely hurting on my body was my butt. After the 274 kilometer (170 mile) Cross-Florida ride I did earlier this year, I said that I was going to look into getting a new saddle, but I still have not done that. I’m convinced that if I can find a saddle that is more comfortable/fits me better I could literally ride all day long (I’d love to get a 400 kilometer ride under my belt). After all the work I’ve put into becoming stronger on the bike, it’s a little frustrating to have my sore ass become the limiting factor. I need to stop talking about it, get down to my LBS and start trying out some different saddles. Maybe I’ll get things rolling when I pick up my re-laced Zipp wheel later this week.

So all that stuff was running through my head while I was riding yesterday. Along with that–and this is probably because my legs felt so fresh after the previous day’s century–a new challenge came to me: A century per day, every day, for a month straight. Depending on the month, that would amount to almost 5,000 kilometers/3,000 miles. I’m convinced that if I had a more comfortable saddle I could do this. Well, there’s one other problem: time. That’s about a 6 hour time commitment per day, and that’s almost impossible for me right now. Still, the seed has been planted, and I’d like to make this happen. I’ll stew on it…

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4 Responses to “On track for 2,000 km month; A century per day for a month?”
  1. Have you considered a Brooks saddle? I think they actually make a newer one from composite materials that is more ‘appropriate’ for carbon/fancy pants bikes.

    I have a Brooks leather imperial b17 (black) on my white/black carbon specialized roubaix. It seems ridiculous to use a 100+ year old design leather seat on the bike, but It’s the best damned saddle I’ve ever owned.

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    • I have definitely looked at Brooks (online), and of all their saddles the one you use (Imperial B17) is probably the only one I’d seriously consider. I’ve found that I absolutely MUST have that cutout, or I go numb down there.

      Brooks sure has a strong following, but they also have their fair share of detractors.

      Curious, what’s the longest ride you’ve done on your saddle? How many miles/kilometers do you ride per month? I need something that can remain comfortable riding north of 2,000 kilometers per month.

      There’s only one Brooks dealer around here, and they have extremely limited stock. Unfortunately that makes it tough to give them a fair shake.

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      • My long distance rides are usually more than 60 miles, which I’ll do at least once a month. I’m also commuting 13 miles a day to work, most days.

        I really don’t get any soreness anymore on the longer rides. I can find a nice place to sit and ride and really forget about the seat. The guys at the steel road bike store explained that the Brooks saddle is more like a hammock and craddles your sitbones and arse, unlike a plastic/foam seat which will compress at the sitbones and then distribute load to other suboptimal areas.

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