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Mini-cut goal reached; FTP/kg 4.00; Tough ride yesterday.

Thursday, August 28, 2014 by  
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My scale weight this morning was 160.2 pounds (72.67 kg), which was my post-vacation mini-cut goal. While I certainly would not mind dropping down to just under 70 kilograms (about 154 pounds), I’m not specifically pursuing that goal, at least for right now. What I’d like to do now is continue to train hard with cycling power output improvement as the primary goal. If my weight happens to drop a little more, then great–I’ll take it. A little later in the year I’ll probably focus on slowly dropping my weight down below 70 kilograms (more on that below).

With my scale weight goal reached, I’ll be discontinuing the daily food logs on MyFitnessPal (I only log my meals when actively cutting or bulking). Of course I’ll still be keeping close tabs on my weight, body fat, soft tape measurements and so on, and those weekly maintenance reports will be posted, as always, every Sunday.

My freshly established FTP of 291 watts along with this morning’s scale weight of 72.6655 kilograms (160.2 pounds) puts my FTP/kg at 4.00. This is the first time I’ve breached the 4.00 FTP/kg mark, and so it’s a fairly noteworthy milestone for me.

Before the end of the year I’d like to have my FTP up to at least 300 watts, and my scale weight down to 69.80 kilograms. That would would put my FTP/kg at 4.30, which is firmly into cat 2 racing territory.

Yesterday’s ride was a tough one. I did a metric century (100 kilometers) at the very flat and very straight Van Fleet trail. I wanted to get a few hours of hard tempo (Zone 3) riding in, and Van Fleet is a great place to do that. I set a few new personal records for time, and also set a 9-minute power output PR of 317 watts (my current power output and watts/kg PRs are here).

At the halfway point of yesterday's 100 kilometer ride.

At the halfway point of yesterday’s 100 kilometer ride.


Even though I set a few new PRs on yesterday’s ride, I was having a bit of an off day. It was very hot–especially the second half of the ride–and the heat was really affecting me. I was also fighting a stiff headwind for the final 50 kilometers, and that wind started to take its toll on me. I finished the solo ride with an average speed of 21.3 mi/h (34.28 km/h), which was a couple ticks lower than I was striving for. My average speed for the first half of the ride was 22.1 mi/h (35.57 km/h), but the wind and heat really beat me up on the return trip. I drank plenty of fluids and took in lots of electrolytes, but when I got home and weighed myself I was down to a crazy 156.8 pounds (71.12 kilograms)! I’m sooooooooo ready for fall, this heat really sucks.

Here’s the complete ride with all data on Strava (you’ll need to be logged into Strava to see most of the data).

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