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Wednesday’s ride beat the crap out of me!

Friday, August 29, 2014 by  
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I woke up yesterday morning feeling as if my legs had been filled with concrete, and my whole body felt tired and run-down. Most of the time I have to force myself to do recovery rides; yesterday was definitely not one of those times.

Wednesday’s ride–during which my average heart rate was 170 BPM for nearly 3 straight hours (209 “Extreme” Suffer Score)–really hurt me. In addition to my high sustained heart rate, the heat and wind beat me down. During that ride my fluid intake totaled 100 ounces (50 ounces water and 50 ounces Gatorade), I took 2 SaltStick capsules and I consumed 2 GU energy gels. On the ride home I drank an additional 25 ounces of water and ate a Clif bar. When I got home from that ride my scale weight was 156.8 pounds (71.12 kg), which was just shy of a 5 pound (2.27 kg) loss from my pre-ride weight.

So yeah, yesterday morning I didn’t have to twist my own arm to do a recovery ride.

Spinning out heaviness the day after a hard ride is standard practice for those of us who ride frequently, so there were no worries there. What I was really hoping to avoid on my recovery ride was the heat, and I got my wish! When I set off on yesterday’s ride I was extremely happy to note that the air felt almost cool! Not only that, the humidity was noticeably lower than it has been in many months. Thankful for this well-timed gift from Mother Nature, I mosied along at a leisurely 18 mi/h (29 km/h) pace for 50 kilometers (31 miles). My heart enjoyed the respite, too: average heart rate was just 117 BPM.

From yesterday's recovery ride. Nice, almost cool, morning.

From yesterday’s recovery ride. Nice, almost cool, morning.


About an hour after the recovery ride, I started feeling sick. Not like “throw up” sick, it was more like a whole body ache and an overriding feeling of malaise. I pounded the fluids all day long, ate plenty of healthy food and pretty much remained glued to my office chair as I focused on my work. Thankfully by early evening I was feeling much better. I think I was suffering from a bit of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

This morning I’m still feeling a little beat up, so I’m going to do another easy ride. I’m sure by this time tomorrow I’ll be 100% again. I hope so: we’ve got the long Labor Day weekend coming up, and I’m looking forward to some great rides! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Wednesday’s ride beat the crap out of me!”
    • Yeah, my Fatigue score registered 113 after Wednesday’s ride, which is the third highest it’s ever been. My Fitness score was 98, which is the highest its been.

      The Wednesday ride had a “Training Load” of 187, and a ride with a TL like that typically requires at least 36-48 hours for a full recovery.

      There’s a cumulative thing, too. Of course I’ve been riding every single day, and I’ve already ridden more miles this month than ever before (I’ll be breaking 2,000 kilometers/1,243 miles this month). Also, I did two centuries last week, plus a few other pretty intense Zone 3 rides, and then the Wednesday ride. So I was definitely on the ropes and ready for a couple recovery days.

      Felt pretty good this morning, legs felt solid.

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