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Six Gap conflict; New distance and elevation PRs; Saddle sore.

Saturday, August 30, 2014 by  
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With the three day weekend about to kick off (yay!) and a bunch of end-of-month duties to perform, yesterday was an extremely busy day at the office. Unfortunately I also received a bit of potentially very bad news: there’s a strong likelihood that a work conflict may prevent me from attending Six Gap this year. After all the training I’ve done and the months of anticipation, I’m obviously not happy about this development. There’s still a chance the conflict can be avoided, but right now it’s a small chance. I’m going to continue to train as if I can go, and hope things work out in my favor.


On a happier note, I’ve already set a new cycling distance personal record this month, and after today’s ride I should be just over the 2,000 kilometer (1,243 mile) mark for August with a day left to spare. After today’s ride I’ll also have set a new monthly elevation PR; I should wind up with about 45,000 feet (13,716 meters) of vertical in August. Today’s ride will also take me north of a quarter-million feet of vertical for 2014, which is another PR (in fact it’s more than double my previous elevation PR from 2013). As always, I’ll have a full report on my month in cycling on the 1st (Monday).

All this riding has caused another saddle sore flare-up. The painful irritations came back for the first time in many months right after the second of the two 162 km (100 mile) rides I did last week. Making matters worse, the sores are on both sides, so I can’t even shift around to be more comfortable. I’ve been doing everything I can to reduce the swelling (except time off the saddle, which is not even an option), but I’m still in a fair amount of pain right now. Rule #5 applies here.

Today’s planned group ride is a pretty short route, but my friend William and I (and perhaps a few others from the group) will be extending the ride for some extra miles and elevation. I should wind up with about 106 km (66 miles) and 3-4k of vertical… and an even more sore ass. That’s okay: post-ride beer will take some of the sting off.

Have a fantastic Saturday! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Six Gap conflict; New distance and elevation PRs; Saddle sore.”
  1. Thank you for not posting pictures of the saddle sore issue. I won’t either, but I feel your pain…or more accurately my own. It seriously sucks. I’ve tried a number of different approaches without luck. I’m getting tired of waddling around the pharmacy trying to discover what’s next. (“Uh excuse me, miss? Do you have stuff for my junk?”)

    Do you use chamois cream or something similar on your shorts?

    All Hail Rule #5!

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