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I’m sick, but doing today’s century anyway.

Saturday, September 6, 2014 by  
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When Lisa was sick a couple weeks ago, I was able to fight it off before it really took hold. Well, yesterday morning my luck ran out: I woke up feeling terrible. I had a sore throat, my whole body was achy and sore, and the lymph node under my left arm was swollen and quite painful!

The last time I experienced a swollen lymph node was, I believe, when I was a teenager and had mono. In fact, my first thought was that I’d been stung by something while out on a ride. After a little online sleuthing I realized that it was indeed a swollen lymph node, and that clearly I had contracted bubonic plague.

So yesterday after my ride (of course I rode, are you kidding?), I uploaded it to Strava and named it “Woke up feeling like sod and poo (and British, apparently)”. After seeing my ride, one of my friends sent me a text and commented that he and his wife are sick. Then another local rider mentioned he wasn’t feeling great, and few others chimed in with various stories of current illnesses in their families. Then Lisa called me from work, and a couple of her employees/customers are also sick–same symptoms, too. So I guess the bubonic plague is back.

gonna be dumb gotta be toughObviously my chances of living through the night were slim to none, so I was surprised that when I woke up this morning I was still alive.

Today’s club ride is a 162 kilometer (100 mile) ride, and I really want to do it. I feel like I’m at about 50%, at best, but I’ve decided that I’m going to ride. In addition to not feeling well, my saddle sores are still killing me.

Gee, could I sound any more like an old man right now? Well, yeah… I suppose I could bring up the weather.

Anyway, this will probably be a less than enjoyable day in the saddle, but I really want to do this ride. I’ll just tuck in, keep things mellow and stay in survival mode.

Local riders: if you missed yesterday’s blog, please go give it a quick read. We’d love to have you aboard! If you signed up and have not introduced yourself in the “Introductions” thread, please take a couple minutes to say hello, and let everyone know a little about yourself and what kind of riding you do.

Alright, time to eat and get the wheels rolling.

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