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Coconut Lime Black Beans.

Thursday, October 2, 2014 by  
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Last night I’d planned to make my favorite Asian stir fry (using chicken breast) for dinner, which is a meal I make at least once per week.

This super easy black beans recipe served as the base for last night's dinner. (Image credit Food Network)

This super easy black beans recipe served as the base for last night’s dinner. (Image credit Food Network)

Lisa, who was off from work yesterday, decided to make a big pot of black beans using an easy recipe she found on Food Network’s web site: Coconut Lime Black Beans. When the beans were ready, we both tried them and thought they were extremely tasty–especially considering how little effort went into them.

As I was eating my 20th spoonful of the beans (I couldn’t seem to stop), I said to Lisa, “How about instead of the stir fry I sauté some chicken breast and garlic in a little olive oil, toss that in with these beans and serve the chicken and beans over some rice?” She thought that sounded great, and so I that’s what I did.

Wow, it was awesome! Talk about easy, and super healthy, too. I did a pretty tough 69 kilometer/43 mile solo ride yesterday (my average heart rate was 172 BPM for 2 hours), and this dish was the perfect carb/protein recovery dinner after an effort like that.

I thought some fresh grilled pineapple would have went really well with this, so next time I’m going to try adding that.

Give this easy black bean recipe a try–I think you’ll really like it!

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