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What hurts worse than breaking a toe?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 by  
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… stubbing an already broken toe, that’s what.

It’s been two weeks since I broke my toe, but the damn thing hurts just about as much as it did the day after the accident. At this point all of the bruising is gone, but the toe and my foot are still very swollen. I’ve had my fair share of broken toes, so I can’t say I’m surprised that the toe is still a little swollen, but even my foot is still inflamed. You can’t even see the bones in my right foot around the broken toe:

It's been two weeks and it still hurts like hell to walk...

It’s been two weeks and it still hurts like hell to walk…


Yesterday I was hobbling back to my office and accidentally smacked the broken toe against the couch. Not terribly hard, but it doesn’t take much of an impact on an already broken toe to really bring the pain.

So, thanks to my clumsiness, walking has become about as painful as it was two weeks ago. I think I managed to undo two weeks of slow healing. Good job, John. Arg, this sucks.

Thankfully my stiff cycling shoes make riding with the broken toe relatively pain-free, but I do have to pull back slightly on the upstroke. Easing off as I come over the top of my pedal stroke is certainly costing me a little power and efficiency (and it feels weird after all the work I’ve put into smoothing out my stroke), but at least I can ride. 🙂

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7 Responses to “What hurts worse than breaking a toe?”
  1. Broken toes suck. When i was at home with a broken leg from snowboarding a couple of years ago I managed to stub my little toe (of my good foot) and break it on one of the crutches I had to use. Walking which was already hard with a broken leg became almost impossible with a broken toe on the other foot – what an idiot!

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  2. Absolutely, I don’t feel one bit sorry for myself. If I couldn’t ride I’d be pissed, so I’m very fortunate. We’re really going to miss you on the rides this weekend. Keep healing up, won’t be too much longer now!

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