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Another rant: City of Apopka litter.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 by  
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After a couple days of very hard riding at the Mount Dora Bike Festival (my complete post-event article can be found here: The 40th Annual Mount Dora Bike Festival was a huge success!), yesterday I decided to give my legs a little recovery time.

Surprisingly I didn’t feel like going super easy, but I kept the power output nice and mellow, settling in at around 200 watts (Zone 2/Endurance) with an average speed of around 20 MPH.

Less than 10 miles into my ride I noticed that my bike felt a little squirrely as I took a corner. I hopped the bike a couple times, and sure enough the rear tire was soft. I pulled off the road, and my first thought was, “Glad this happened now–flatting over the weekend would have really messed up my rides!”

Gatorskin  tires, widely considered to be

Gatorskin tires, widely considered to be “bullet-proof”, are no match for the trash and glass found all over Apopka’s roads. This is my third Gatorskin flat in less than a couple months. Every single flat has been in Apopka.


My second thought was, “Apopka, you suck.” I’ve ridden all over the State of Florida, and there is unquestionably more glass, trash and debris on the streets of Apopka than anywhere else I’ve ridden. Because I have to ride these roads a lot, not too long ago I switched from my first choice in tire (the excellent Continental Grand Prix 4000S) to the Continental Gatorskin, which is a much more flat-resistant tire.

The Gatorskin tires definitely improved the situation, but I’ve still suffered three flats over a period of about two months. I ride all over the place, but all three of my flats happened in the city of Apopka.

Hey City of Apopka officials: how about taking a little pride in your community and clean up your streets every once in awhile? It’s not just glass, there’s trash everywhere. Here’s an idea: put the convicts out doing supervised landscaping on trash duty. My tax money is paying for their food and housing, so I should have some say in the matter.

Supplement that with organized community trash cleanup events. I’ll show and help out.

I’d ask the citizens of Apopka to please stop trashing their community, but I think it’s safe to assume that those who do A) don’t care, and B) can’t read.

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3 Responses to “Another rant: City of Apopka litter.”
  1. Gotta love those Gatorskin tires! I’ve had only one flat since last March with mine and it was a slow leak caused by a fine wire that managed to pierce the tread. I’m noticing a growing number of riders in my club who are picking these up after having to repair flats during our rides. They aren’t bulletproof as you have found but really do help!

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    • Agreed. While Gatorskins are not my favorite tire from a ride quality, weight and rolling resistance standpoint, they really are an excellent training tire. Flatting on group rides sucks, especially on really big group rides like the Mount Dora Bike Festival because if you flat you can kiss your group goodbye.

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