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I can’t believe I’m sick…

Friday, October 17, 2014 by  
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Well folks, I’m definitely sick. Yesterday morning I was not feeling well, and by the time I went to bed I was in pretty bad shape. I’m so congested that I can not breathe through my nose, my throat is sore and I’m feeling weak and achy. Because I can’t breathe I didn’t sleep very well last night–and I even took some over the counter meds and wore a nasal strip.

The real bummer is the weather: right now one couldn’t ask for nicer riding weather, and I’m clearly not in any condition to do any real riding right now.

Yesterday I could tell I was off, so I did a super light 20 mile recovery ride. I even took time out to stop and smell the cow patties, which I could not smell:

From yesterday's easy recovery ride.

From yesterday’s easy recovery ride.


This morning I was supposed to ride with my friend Mike, and tomorrow’s club ride was going to be awesome with lots of hills. We were also supposed to have family come stay with us all weekend. Looks like all of that is out now.

Unless I make some sort of miraculous recovery, the next few days are going to be in 2014 Ride Every Day survival mode–my self-imposed minimum of 10 miles, and very easy efforts. I’ve only had to go that short once this year, so I guess it’s not the end of the world, but I was really looking forward to some nice long rides over the next few days. 🙁

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5 Responses to “I can’t believe I’m sick…”
    • Exactly what I had, the wife and seems everyone else!!! The weather has lured me out twice during this crap, but still not sure if it made it worse or not. My fingers were crossed all the way leading up to 6 Gap so I’m thankful I escaped a couple of times family members had it then so I guess I was due.

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      • I definitely felt better after yesterday’s ride, but I kept it VERY light. When I got back my sinuses were actually mostly clear, so that was nice while it lasted.

        Riding this morning, going to try to keep it fairly laid back, but we’re hitting Sugarloaf/Buckhill/The Wall/etc…

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