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Rode with Mike yesterday (health update); Riding this morning.

Saturday, October 18, 2014 by  
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As I wrote yesterday’s blog I felt absolutely horrible–tired, achy and very stuffy sinuses. After I posted the blog, I reluctantly messaged my friend Mike and cancelled the ride we had planned. I told him I was just going to pedal around until I had my 10 miles, and call it a day.

I ate breakfast and took some Dayquil, and that helped a little bit. I still felt extremely weak and achy, and I could not breathe at all through my nose.

After breakfast I took my banana peel out to the garage trash. Garbage day. Oops, almost forgot.

Sunrise on a cool morning.

Sunrise on a cool morning.

I opened the garage door, and as I walked the garbage can to the curb the clean, cool air hit me like a drug. By the time I’d made the short trip to the curb and back, I knew I was riding my originaly planned ride. I am powerless against gorgeous riding weather.

I messaged Mike and told him I was rolling that way for our ride.

Mike, who many of you may recall recently beat stomach cancer, is doing much better now. I think Mike weighed something like 210 pounds before he got stomach cancer. By the the time Mike had undergone the surgeries (his stomach, part of his esophagus and a section of his colon were removed), suffered through numerous post-op complications and undergone months of chemo and radiation, he was down to a sickly 123 pounds.

When I saw Mike yesterday I was shocked: he looked fantastic! His weight was up to 140 pounds, the color was back in his skin, he was all smiles and basically just radiating with life. Just being around him made me feel better.

We did a nice, relaxed social ride (about 42 miles), just chatting and catching up with each other. The beautiful weather was the perfect backdrop for the ride, and we both had a blast!

This morning I’m still feeling pretty crappy, but at least I did sleep well last night. I’ve decided to do my usual club ride today, which is going to be a hilly 65-75 mile ride. Hopefully I’m making the right call here, but I am practically incapable of resisting weather like we’re having right now, so it’s not like I have a choice.

Have a great day! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Rode with Mike yesterday (health update); Riding this morning.”
  1. Great to hear about Mike. Every time you write about him it serves as an inspiration to me to shut the fu*k up, stop bitchin’, appreciate what I have, and go work my ass off.

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