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What an incredible weekend!

Monday, October 20, 2014 by  
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After picking up a cold late last week, I thought the entire weekend was going to be a bust. Thankfully I beat the snot (wheeeee, a pun for your Monday morning–no charge) out of that cold, and had a FANTASTIC weekend!

I felt terrible on Friday morning, but I decided to go ahead with a planned social ride with my friend Mike. That was the right call, as I felt really good after the ride. I think the fresh air and great company did me a lot of good. Plus, riding with someone who beat stomach cancer tends to put a cold into its proper perspective.

On Saturday I was feeling a little better, and so elected to do my usual Saturday morning club ride. This ride was our “Assault on Sugarloaf” route, which is a little over 50 miles. I almost always join my friend William in cycling to and from our club rides, and that usually tacks on at least 20 miles. Additionally, William wanted to extend the route an extra 10 miles to add some more elevation and hills, which would put us around 81 miles (130 kilometers) with ~3,300 feet of elevation.

When I met up with William I told him I wasn’t sure if I was feeling up to extending the planned route, as I was still suffering from the cold. William said, “I’d love to have some company, but I came prepared to do it alone if I have to.” Something about the way he said that inspired me, and I instantly replied, “I like your attitude, dude. I’m in for the extension.” 🙂

William and I had a bit of an accelerated warm-up when an extremely fast loose pitbull chased us down on Kelly Park road. We broke into a nearly 30 MPH sprint, and that dog was gaining on us! Thankfully the dog quickly tired at that pace (pfft, HTFU), and broke off the chase. It’s a good thing, too, as we were approaching an intersection that requires a stop.

When I set off to do Saturday’s ride, I figured I’d just take it easy and get my miles in. As the ride went on, I started feeling better and better. The weather was really nice, and it’s hard not to feel good riding with friends in spectacular weather.

I wound up having a really strong ride. The rolling pace was pretty mild, but I attacked many of the climbs hard. I wound up setting six personal records for time and three power output personal records (1.5 minute, 2 minute and 3 minute). The power PRs were set on Sugarloaf mountain (along with a few time PRs), and I also turned in a pretty good performance on Citrus Tower and a few other hills. Here’s the complete ride on Strava with all data.

On Sunday a few of the Crazies were meeting up at Wooton Park for an easy jaunt out to the famous Yalaha Bakery via the Little Pyrenees. Yesterday was my birthday, and the rule is you have to ride your age in miles on your birthday. So this was the perfect birthday ride: fun and social, a little over 50 miles (thus exceeding my birthday mileage requirement of 46) and tasty treats at the bakery!

When we got to the bakery, I indulged: Black Forest Cake and a giant chocolate-chip iced mocha something or other…




The ride was a blast, and I was happy to learn that this will be a new weekly ride. Here’s the thing, though: as a fun and social ride, we’re encouraged to roll on fixies, single speeds, vintage bikes, etc. I really need to get a fixie! My Madone is a racing bike, and way too “formal” for a ride like this! 🙂

After the ride I hung out with Lisa all day (who caught my cold, but was feeling better, too), and we watched a movie together. Later, I enjoyed a few Fat Tire ales, watched some Dream Theater on Blu-ray up in my theater and then grilled up some awesome burgers for dinner.

Not a bad few days considering I was expecting to be laying around sick!

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