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Goals for the New Year: I will be cutting.

Thursday, November 6, 2014 by  
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I don’t think it’s too early to start planning and setting goals for 2015. In fact, I think the sooner you start thinking about what you want to accomplish, the better.

GoalsI’ll be cutting body fat the first part of the year, there’s no question about that. I’m currently up about 7 pounds from my 2014 end-of-cut weight of 158.4 pounds, and I’ll be putting on a little more weight over the holiday months.

I won’t be going completely nuts over the holidays, but I always like to relax my diet a bit towards the end of the year. There are a few reasons why I do this:

– When I get together with family and friends over the holidays, I like to enjoy myself without getting caught up in the calorie game. I’ll still be eating healthy most of the time, of course, but the indulgences will be a little more frequent than usual.

– Lisa doesn’t do much cooking, but she sure loves to bake around the holidays! Again, I don’t go crazy or anything, but I’m not passing up the chance to enjoy delicious homemade cookies and pies!

– I’m pretty darn strict with my diet all year long. Well, I say “strict”, but that’s not really the right word because I don’t ever feel restricted. I do eat cheat meals, usually one or two per week, and I enjoy some great beers a couple times per week, but the rest of the time my diet is very clean. I eat clean because I enjoy eating that way, and I like how it makes me feel. Anyway, as we close in on the end of the year, I usually give myself a little more freedom to indulge.

– As most of you know, when I am cutting I go into “all or nothing” mode: no cheat meals, 100% clean and all-natural foods, no missed workouts, no alcohol and plenty of rest each night. One of the ways I get myself prepared for my ultra-strict cuts is to relax my diet a great deal in the weeks leading up to that cut. While I fully realize that I’ll add a few extra pounds during this time, the trade-off is well worth it to me. I like to sort of get it out of my system before I go hardcore, you know?

As I did for my 2014 cut, my 2015 cut will be a weight-based goal instead of a body fat percentage goal. This is, of course, very different from all the cuts I’ve done prior 2014, which were centered around body fat percentage goals. As a cyclist, a body weight goal makes more sense than a body fat goal.

So, what’s the goal for my 2015 cut? I’m thinking 155 pounds. In fact, I may even attempt to get down to 150 pounds. 155 pounds would already be a new low weight for me, and deciding to continue the cut below that mark really depends on my power output. Being light is great, but not if it creates diminishing returns with regards to my power-to-weight ratio. So, the goal for now is 155 pounds, but that’s a fluid goal.

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5 Responses to “Goals for the New Year: I will be cutting.”
  1. Are you planning ahead to your first day off the bike in 2015 too? Perhaps a triple feature in the theater room with popcorn and M&M’s? Lol.

    What do you think is the conceivable low number weight for your frame and body type? I know it’s impossible to say for sure, but what’s your hunch…do you think you could make it to 150 and maintain your power numbers?

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    • Yeah, I do think I can get to 150 and maintain, or even increase, my power output. I’ll continue to lose some of my “show” muscle to get there, though. Don’t much care about that, of course.

      No plans for a day off the bike. I almost always feel like riding, but it will be nice to have the freedom to take a day off when I don’t feel like it.

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  2. Oh boy…I can see right through you my friend! You are already gearing up to obliterate 6 Gap next year!!! You are absolutely right about weight versus body fat percentage at this point as it relates to your performance on the bike. It’s all a bit academic as it were at this point because with your fitness and where you are at right now if you get down to 150 body fat won’t be an issue anyway. If anything it may provide a bit of fuel reserves for long days on the bike. It’ll be fun to watch you cross that start line next year in Georgia knowing I won’t see you again for the next 6 hours!!! LOL

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    • Even if that were true (and it’s not) you’re not getting off that easy bro! I thought it would be fun if a bunch of us went up there and did the whole thing together. It would be way more enjoyable that way, and we could motivate each other if we roll as a group. Also, we have to show people that Florida cyclists can climb! šŸ™‚

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