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Some of you might remember that back in late 2008 I didn’t shave for a few months. By the time I decided to trim my beard up I was looking a wee bit rough around the edges.

I grew my beard out in 2008 for a couple of reasons…

First of all, I was bulking at the time, and nothing goes better with packing on slabs of lean mass than an unruly tangle of facial hair. I dare you to say otherwise.

When I decided to grow my beard in 2008, I started a thread down in the VIP Lounge on the JSF Forums with a simple directive:

Grow a beard, start a post and then edit it with pictures every so often. Wasteland rules apply*.

* “Wasteland rules” means not safe for work–seriously

That thread became pretty popular, eventually growing to more than 500 posts with hundreds of pictures. The original thread is here, but you’ve got to have an upgraded JSF membership to access it. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Oh, wait…

So it’s “Novembeard” or “No Shave November” or “Movember” or whatever you want to call it. As most of you know, “No Shave November” and its various counterparts are meant to raise cancer awareness.

Like most people, I’m not a fan of cancer or–as long as I’m on the record–Ebola. Anyway, I’ve never participated in any of the countless viral social media “awareness” challenges that have come down the pike. You’re not going to see me dumping ice water over my head, or telling everyone I visited a place I couldn’t even point out on a map (that was an odd one). It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just not me. I’ve never been much of a joiner. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with those viral awareness things, but personally I prefer to quietly donate money to the causes I believe in without making a lot of noise.

…but I’ll jump all over any excuse to annoy my beautiful wife, Lisa! In 2008 she liked the beard idea–to a point. As I began to look more and more homeless, though, she started pricing divorce lawyers.

So, now that my motivations have been made clear, I present Novembeard 2014–Day 7:

Novembeard - Day 7.

Novembeard – Day 7.


John Stone Fitness Comments

  1. There’s going to be college courses taught about the Ice Bucket Challenge, that was one hell of an effective movement. They were pulling in more money per week than they had in entire prior years for ALS. My wife and I did it, and it was fun watching all the new videos of celebrities online who were doing it. I guess sometimes the big noise helps raise more awareness, and as a result, more money. And money is the only ammunition for fighting these terrible ailments. So while I’m the same as you and prefer to do my thing without any hubbub, I can see that the hubbub helps, and joined enthusiastically. My position was joining the noise and donating would do more good than just quietly donating, so to me there was value and purpose in joining. And I would surmise people and families suffering from ALS or cancer or whatever really don’t care if it’s artificial or genuine, money is money.

    Haven’t decided if I’m shaving or not this month…haven’t yet though. 🙂

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  2. I’m also on the beard journey and, much like you, I’m doing it because I just want to grow a damn beard! Winters are cold where I live, so the timing is right for me. Not sure what it’ll look like (I’ve always chickened out of previous attempts before giving it a fair chance), but my wife isn’t a fan of my idea. We’ll see how it goes…

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