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Finally celebrating my birthday this weekend!

Saturday, November 8, 2014 by  
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My 46th birthday was on October 19th, and we were supposed to have family come over and stay with us that weekend to celebrate. I picked up a pretty bad cold around that time, and I also passed it on to Lisa. I was feeling much better by the time my birthday weekend rolled around, but Lisa was suffering the worst of it. We decided to postpone the celebration.

Lisa made me a special birthday cake!

Lisa made me a special birthday cake!

The following weekend was the Horse Farm Hundred, so that was out. Then, last weekend, I had the Seminole Cyclefest so we couldn’t get together then, either. Hey, priorities! šŸ™‚

Seriously, my family knows how much I’d been looking forward to both of the above-mentioned rides, and so they were more than happy to delay until I had a “free” weekend.

This is that weekend. There’s a brief break in my Century Season schedule this weekend (next weekend is the Horrible Hundred!), and so we’re going to celebrate all weekend long. This morning I’ll be doing my usual club ride (about 70 miles/113 kilometers), and I’ll be back in plenty of time for everyone’s arrival shortly after noon. We’ll be going out to eat this afternoon, and this evening we’ll be hanging out, drinking, watching movies and eating cake. Probably more of the same tomorrow.

I expect tomorrow’s weekly stats and measurements report to be ugly. If it’s not, I failed to do my job today.

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