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Century Season finale: Horrible Hundred

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 by  
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Horrible_Hundred_2014Century Season is winding down, but this year’s grand finale is a great ride: The Horrible Hundred!

I did this ride last year, and had a fantastic time. Unfortunately I wound up doing most the ride solo, as I had trouble finding a group that was riding at my pace. I also got caught behind a massive pack at the start, and it took me forever to get in front of them. Here is last year’s post-ride report.

This year I will be riding with a very strong group, will make an effort to position myself near the front of the pack at the ride start (several thousand cyclists will be in attendance) and I’m also a much stronger cyclist compared to one year ago. While I don’t think this ride will be quite as fast as some of my recent centuries (23-24+ MPH averages) I expect my ride time and average speed to be massively improved over my 2013 performance.

The Horrible Hundred has more than 5,000 feet of vertical spread over its 100 mile course. The course is a little disjointed looking, as creative routing is required to get that kind of elevation total here in Central Florida. Here is the course map:

The Horrible Hundred Route

The Horrible Hundred Route


Here is the elevation profile:

The Horrible Hundred Elevation Profile

The Horrible Hundred Elevation Profile


The forecast for the ride, which is Sunday, is looking good at this point: high of 81°F, sunny skies and practically no chance of rain. While I wouldn’t mind it if the high were about 10° cooler, I’m not going to complain. At least it won’t be a rain ride!

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7 Responses to “Century Season finale: Horrible Hundred”
  1. I’ll be curious to see what your experience this year will be with the packs and riders bunching up and slowing the ride down early on. I have only done the HH once, and that was my only complaint as well. I can say the year I did it there was no direction or emphasis on getting cyclist to line up based on their abilities and how long they thought it would take to finish. I specifically remember some small early hills and watching the pack bunch up so bad it brought everyone to a complete stop! Once it finally strung out I got lucky and got in with an awesome group for about 50 miles before it broke up, and I solo’d in from about mile 75. I have to admit for me personally doing the HH is a little anti-climatic after doing 6 Gap several weeks prior especially when the course is so familiar where we ride and train all the time. I have no choice this year in not being able to ride HH so I didn’t have to decide so just going to look forward to how it goes for you.

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    • Yeah, this year is another open start (it was like that last year, too) and I suspect that there will be more of the same. Last year I saw people who started in front of me walking their bikes and even falling over on the very first hill. I wish they’d do a mass start, and would have people line up based on desired pace. About all I can do is get there early and try to position myself near the front with the rest of my group.

      Last year my buddy Daniel (WMBC) said almost the same thing as you when I asked him if he was doing the HH. He said something like, “I’ve already done it, so why should I pay 40 bucks to ride the same hills I ride every weekend?” That’s a valid point, but–at least for one more year–I’m still in. 🙂

      Wish you could be there. Good luck to your girls this weekend at the meet!

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  2. Thanks, and I fully suspect you will be spoiled after next year’s 6 Gap as well. It is really run so well, and by far it’s the closest you can get to a professional course, and see what a real stage or one day race with elevation is like for the pros.

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