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Novembeard: Day 14.

Friday, November 14, 2014 by  
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So I’m not shaving this month (see, “I’M NOT SHAVING THIS MONTH, JUST BECAUSE“), but I have to admit that I’ve come pretty close to throwing in the towel a couple times. I’d almost forgotten just how itchy growing a beard can be, and that itchiness is especially annoying when I’m stressed out with work or whatever.

I know a few guys who already broke out the razors and shave cream, bringing their Novembeards to an early end. While I can’t blame those guys, I find it nearly impossible to quit something I’ve committed to, so here I am on day 14, bearded(ish) and itchy.

Here’s my Day 14 photo, which I just took about a half-hour ago (click to enlarge):

 Novembeard - Day 14.

Novembeard – Day 14.


For the sake of completeness, here is last Friday’s photo, Day 7:

Novembeard - Day 7.

Novembeard – Day 7.


As the beard fills in, the thing that strikes me the most is how quickly the gray is becoming prominent. So I’m constantly itching (which makes me feel slightly homicidal), I look like I’ve aged 10 years in two weeks, Lisa is starting to give me that cross-eyed “really?!” look, and yesterday some guy slipped me a dollar outside the grocery store.


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15 Responses to “Novembeard: Day 14.”
  1. I shaved, but I never committed. But, I’ve had a beard for about 3 years now anyway, so we’re just talking about my neck really. Are you letting it all go or are you shaping it and shaving your neck and such? Can’t really tell from the pics.

    My wife actually is the opposite of yours. She loves the beard and would be royally pissed if I shaved. Apparently, and I have no such radar for these things, but she tells me beards are ‘in’ nowadays. And at 33 my beard has a gray strand here and there, but the wifey and I are eagerly awaiting a full salt and pepper face for me. Your beard is badass in that regard, and I may be slightly jealous (in a non man-crush kind of way, I swear). 😉

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  2. For whatever reason, I coincidentally started a beard in early November without knowing anything about Novembeard. Like many of these “ice challenge*” attention-building campaigns, I just don’t understand how “growin’ me whiskers” helps draw attention to men’s health issues or anything else. That said, here I am talkin’ about it at JSF for millions of daily followers, so I guess it works on whatever level.

    I have already started my “Save it or shave it?” informal poll — which includes my wife and any attractive woman with whom I can carry a conversation– which is a sadly short list. So far it doesn’t look good for the beard, but I know it’ll stay if it gets much longer ’cause I couldn’t stand shaving it due to the cold (Below freezing on the bike last night. F** that.)

    But my No. 1 Reason why I like “growing a beard?” It’s one of the very few things in life where I get credit for *not* doing something — shaving! It’s not like I’m working hard at growing hair on my face — I’m just lazy!

    * Google Charlie Sheen’s take on the ice bucket challenge: Dumps $10K in bills over his head and says, “This is what I’m giving to the ALS foundation!”

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  3. MOAR!

    (My “Novembeard” started back in late September and has been trimmed once, and is so gray the only way the wife allows me to keep it is if I darken the “fu manchu” portion — she says I look more “bad ass” and less “bald old man” that way. Whatever works, yo.)

    (I will say, though — I’ve never had an issue with itchiness. Not sure why that is.)

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  4. I hear you re: the gray beard. Mine is far more gray than brown (I look like a cross btwn a college professor and a homeless guy). I’m committed to going at least 3 months (winters are cold here in Spokane). My wife sounds like Lisa, though. Not a fan at all. I tell her that it gets less pokey as it gets longer, thus less painful kisses. She’s still not buying it.

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