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Missing my Titan, hope the X9 will be here soon.

Saturday, November 22, 2014 by  
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Yesterday morning I hit the weights, and then went for a light 21 mile/34 kilometer recovery ride.

Because I sold my Titan earlier this year in anticipation of receiving the new X9 Evolution Home Gym, I’ve been restricted mostly to dumbbells since then (I still have my barbells, too). While I can still get a great workout in using the stuff I have on-hand, I definitely miss having a full-featured home gym. After having so many exercise options available with the Titan, the lack of variety is starting to feel very restrictive.

I still don’t know when my X9 will arrive, but I hope it’s soon. I think the wait will be worth it:

The X9 Evolution Home Gym

The X9 Evolution Home Gym


You can find out more about the X9 on the Bodyforce web site. I’ve also set up a special form so you can be notified when the X9 is available for purchase. By filing out the form you’ll also get a special JSF discount.

Hopefully Bodyforce will have an update with some good news soon…

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