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Novembeard: Day 28.

Friday, November 28, 2014 by  
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Good morning, faithful followers of the beard. November is coming to a close, and this morning I’m presenting the last in my series of Novembeard photographs.

Aesthetically speaking I would say that my beard peaked last week, around day 21. At some point over the last week my beard went a little past its “Use By” date, and is looking decidedly rough. The nice thing, though, is the darn thing no longer itches!

If you’re wondering, I’m not going to go clean shaven just yet. When the month is over I’m going to trim the beard up a little, shave the neckbeard and basically just make the scruff a little more presentable. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it, but for now I’m kinda digging it. We’ve been through a lot together this month, the beard and I…

Novembeard - Day 28.

Novembeard – Day 28.


Here are the photographs from Day 21, Day 14 and Day 7:

Novembeard - Day 21.

Novembeard – Day 21.

Novembeard - Day 14.

Novembeard – Day 14.

Novembeard - Day 7.

Novembeard – Day 7.

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