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Keeping a trimmed up version of the Novembeard…

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 by  
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Yesterday morning I was standing in front of the mirror, razor in hand, lamenting the end of Novembeard. I’d sort of decided that I was going to keep a “nicer” version of my beard, but as I stood there I felt an unexpected urge to do a clean shave. I think that compulsion was rooted in how itchy and uncomfortable that damn thing made me for pretty much an entire month. Towards the end of November, however, the itchiness had almost completely subsided, and the beard was really growing on me (puns are free around here).

I sighed, lathered up, brought the razor to my face, and hesitated.

You know, I like how the beard looks. Heck it’s not even itching any more. Besides, society wants me to be clean shaven, and I’ve been feeling especially recalcitrant lately. Hell, I may even get a tattoo… RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY GODDAMN FOREHEAD.

Sorry, I blacked out for a second there.

Anyway, I decided to trim the thing up and keep it for now. Here’s the obligatory selfie.

I grabbed this crappy selfie right after I trimmed the beard up.

I grabbed this crappy selfie right after I trimmed the beard up.

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2 Responses to “Keeping a trimmed up version of the Novembeard…”
  1. I’ve found keeping if off my neck completely eliminates the itchiness. I’ve had a beard of varying lengths for several years now and the only time it itches is when I slack off keeping my neck clean.

    You should get a tattoo. Your Park chain wear tool is the perfect shape for an inside your forearm tat. šŸ˜‰

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  2. YES! I’m irrationally happy about this. Probably because it validates my decision to keep mine over my wife’s protestations.

    No doubt you’ll crush several PRs on your ride today as the beard thanks you for sparing it in some sort of creepy, horror-novel, symbiotic fashion.


    (Sorry. I’ll calm down. It’s the beard.)

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