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JSF Running Club.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 by  
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Unless I’m being chased by a bear or something, you’re never going to see me moving quicker than a brisk walk when I’m off my bike. Running lies somewhere between live disembowelment and a Justin Bieber concert (there’s a very narrow gap there) on my “fun factor” chart. Aside from that, I have an old knee injury (ed: insert the Skyrim joke here–people love that one) that prevents me from running more than a mile or so.

Oddly enough, there are a lot of people who run on purpose, and for fun.

In all seriousness, I wish I could run. I’m obviously way into cycling, and I am also a very strong swimmer (it was my main sport from about age 9 until I graduated from high school). If I could run, I’d almost certainly be a triathlon junkie.

Anyway, over on the JSF Forums there are a number of members who have formed a JSF Running club. Phil Anderson (“Philydude”), take it away:

For several years now, a few of us have been meeting up at various races around the country to socialize and provide support during longer runs (marathons and half marathons). Members of the group have done races in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Columbus Ohio, and Las Vegas already… and as the un-official ringleader for most of these get-togethers, I’m always looking for fun destinations (Chicago has been mentioned from time to time)…

So if you are planning a marathon (or even a half) in the spring of 2015, post up your plans and you might find yourself with company! And if you are signed up for one of the races below and aren’t on the list (or if I have you down by mistake), or want to come out and cheer us on (bring beer), by all means let us know!


So, having run a grand total of about 2 miles over the past 20 years, I was equal parts surprised and honored when Phil mailed me a JSF Running Club shirt (click to enlarge):

That is not a misprint. I'd like to thank JSF Member Phil "Phillydude" Anderson for sending me this shirt, and making me an honorary member of the JSF Running Club. I will wear the shirt ironically.

That is not a misprint. I’d like to thank JSF Member Phil "Phillydude" Anderson for sending me this shirt, and making me an honorary member of the JSF Running Club. I will wear the shirt ironically.


Thanks, Phil! I will wear the shirt with ironic pride. 🙂

Okay, I need to sign off and get moving–busy day ahead, and I want to get a decent ride in this morning before work. In the coming days I’ll be talking in detail about my upcoming cut (plans, diet, schedule and so forth). Stay tuned!

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12 Responses to “JSF Running Club.”
  1. Michael, I definitely said something about never getting into road cycling (ate some major crow over that one, obviously, lol), and I think I said I’d never wear Lycra, too. The thing about running, though, is that is a physical issue.

    Tracy, as mentioned by Mark, that video is fake (and a really bad one at
    that). I have encountered a bear while mountain biking! It was awesome, here’s what I wrote about it:

    “A couple of minutes further into the ride I was doing about 14 MPH and I went around a bend. There, about 10 feet in front of me, was a large black bear. I estimate that he was an average sized male, probably about about 300 pounds. The bear was in the middle of the trail, and he was walking on all fours with his back to me. I hit the brakes and came to a fast stop. I was breathing hard, and he heard me. The bear began to turn his head, and time seemed to slow to a crawl.

    I’ve often said how much I wanted to encounter a black bear, and there he was, not even three bike lengths away. I was feeling a mix of excitement, adrenaline and–I must admit–fear. Standing alone in the middle of the forest next to the largest land animal in the state of Florida was a thrilling, but almost surreal, experience.

    As the bear turned his head towards me I remember thinking over and over, “Please don’t kill me, please run away!” The instant we made eye contact he was gone like a bat out of hell. I heard him crashing through the forest for about 30 seconds, and those sounds grew more and more faint as the bear quickly put distance between us.

    The entire encounter only lasted about 6 seconds, but it felt much longer to me. I can recall every moment in vivid detail. I remember the exact instant when I saw the bear, and the surprise that washed over me as my brain processed what I was seeing. I can still see the bear slowly turning its head towards me while a few flies buzzed around his glossy black fur. The look in his eyes during the brief instant our eyes met. How he snorted a sharp blast of air as he made a break for the forest.

    There are only between 2,500 and 3,000 black bears left in the entire state of Florida. As an animal lover, I can’t even describe how fortunate I feel to have finally encountered one of these rare and magnificent creatures in the wild. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

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  2. That’s beyond cool: A group of members gets together to form a club using JSF as the common link and send you shirt with your own logo and name on it. Nice.

    I love the Internet.

    Now, who’s gonna be the first one to get the JSF logo tattooed…somewhere?

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